2020 NFL Scouting Combine
The running backs took the field at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. Who stood out for better or worse? Read our notes for the RBs. (Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports)

After a long, grueling day yesterday, Day 2 of the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine is here. The best of the best offensive lineman and running backs in college football are here to compete and improve their NFL Draft stock. The running back group this year has depth to it. More and more quality backs are making their way into the NFL. Let’s go over which players stood out at the 2020 NFL Scouting combine!

*No JK Dobbins during the drills. He did bench press for 23 reps which we knew he was powerful. Just wanted to see him catch the ball.

The Elite

I believe D’Andre Swift is the best running back in the draft. You can see the drills the way it translates to the field. Nobody is as shifty as Christian McCaffrey but this is the closest thing to him in the draft. Nobody is better at making a man miss in space. Short area quickness, Swift takes the cake. He ran a good time at

Georgia puts out great backs. Swift’s talent pops off the screen. Swift got significant playing time as a true Freshman with Nick Chubb and Sony Michel on the roster. That’s how good this cat is.

Cam Akers belongs in the elite category. Akers almost killed someone juking people out in the bag drill. Super quick feet and explosive. In terms of footwork, I don’t think anybody is better. Watch him in the video. Then watch the next two guys. Akers is special. Add in that Akers also made a one hand catch. Everything looks easy to him. Did I mention Akers has power too? 20 bench reps will do.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire is so compact and difficult to tackle. You can see him running through the ball drills. Man is a problem. He will make you miss in the crowded bodies. I thought his route running skills might be even better. He ran routes better than a good chunk of receivers.

Next Tier

Jonathan Taylor is fast but I just don’t see the short-area quickness. Taylor has speed but the extra twitch in the open field isn’t there. 4.39 is crazy good for 226 pounds. I think that helps him. I don’t mean to be down on Taylor. Watch Akers in the open field compared to him. It’s not the same sort of twitch. I thought he caught the ball really well.

Zack Moss is a really strong back. He led the nation in broken tackles for a reason. Reports are he tweaked his hamstring but fought through anyway finishing the day. I can appreciate that. His 40 time wasn’t the best at 4.65 but it’s more than fine. He didn’t shine with twitch but you can see him pumping between the tackles falling forward for chunk plays at the next level.

Pass Catchers

I should say more of a weapon for Raymond Calais had a good combine. I’m always wary of little guys but 20 bench reps help ease those concerns. He has a lot of athletic traits and performed better than I thought. 37.5 inch vert and 4.42 speed. Interesting special teams returner possibly.

Big Bodies

AJ Dillon may have been the winner of the day. This is the LeGarrette Blount of the draft. 10-11 on the broad jump and 41 inches on the vert is beyond impressive. Dillion is 6-foot, 250. That shouldn’t be possible. You can see he’s a bit tight in the bag drills but if you’re looking for Derrick Henry, Dillon is your best shot.

DeeJay Dallas isn’t the most shifty guy in the world but you can see the power. He barrows over guys in short yardage. Not the guy that will explode in this setting but the fact that he didn’t stink is a great thing. Running a 4.48 is a great time for his style.


I think Anthony McFarland is being way undervalued. McFarland showed speed (4.44) and his jukes look like he glides across the field. He’s a weapon that can be used in a multitude of ways.

Brian Herrien has some giddy up to him. His tools aren’t elite. Neither is the speed at 4.62. I think he makes a roster as a third down back that can work in the passing game.


Tony Jones… not great. Not only was he slow (4.68) I thought he looked sluggish in the bag drills.

Darius Anderson and Eno Benjamin came after Cam Akers in the bag drill. Not the guy you want to follow. You can see in the Akers clip that they were stumbling in bag drills.

JaMychal Hasty had drop issues. Not on my radar anyway.

JJ Taylor is fast but jittery. Doesn’t play fast. A lot of drops and weird movements. Falling over with lack of balance.

Other Notes

Salvon Ahmed stinks. He’s supposed to be a skinny fast guy. A 4.62 isn’t cutting it. Skinny guy under 200 pounds that’s not fast. Pass.

I like Patrick Taylor but I thought he was a little stiff and upright today. Slow opening up his hips.

I don’t think Lamical Perine is special in any one area but he’s a B in everything. Can catch, run, move, shift. Quality ball player.

Vendetta Running Back Big Board

1: D’Andre Swift

2: JK Dobbins

3: Cam Akers

4: Clyde Edwards-Helaire

5: Jonathan Taylor

6: Zack Moss

7: Lamical Perine

8: AJ Dillon

9: Ke’Shawn Vaughn

10: Anthony McFarland