KJ Hamler
KJ Hamler 2020 NFL Draft Profile. The Penn State wide out is a great deep threat but also offers so much more. Teams should covet Hamler. (Yong Kim / Philadelphia Inquirer File Photograph)

It’s time to talk about the 2020 NFL Draft’s most underrated lightning rod, KJ Hamler. The Penn State wide receiver has gotten lost in the shuffle of a really deep WR class. In terms of value, if you a deep threat, targeting Hamler probably makes a lot more sense. Hamler has potential to be a really good deep threat and more at the NFL level. Plus, he probably won’t cost an arm and a league to draft. Here is your KJ Hamler 2020 NFL Draft Profile.

I talked about this topic with Henry Ruggs III. Would you rather have Ruggs early in the first or Hamler in the second? I like the value of Hamler better. A lot of fast receivers taken in the first round with a similar profile to Ruggs have failed. What if he’s John Ross or Darius Heyward-Bey? Taking Hamler in the 2nd with the hope that he can be a DeSean Jackson type of player makes more sense to me.

Hamler did not run a 40 at the combine but speed isn’t an issue.

Some things stand out when you plug on the highlight tape. Deep ball is his go to. If you’re looking for a deep threat, Hamler provides that. He outruns defenders more often than not.

Two: Hamler brings some return value as well. He was a dangerous special teams returner in college. Coaches can be creative with him on jet sweeps, short crossers, and things of that nature too.

Hamler also shows skills high pointing the football. I think the biggest thing to worry about with smaller receivers is they end up getting bullied and flame out of the league. Hamler can go up and get the ball in the air. The fact that he benched 15 reps at 178 pounds shows he puts the time in at the weight room. That more than anything clears bust potential. It should also ease durability concerns.

Hamler is a pretty good route runner or at least very quick in and out of breaks. One cut slant routes, good luck covering this guy. Hamler might be a deep ball specialist but he does great things with the ball in his hands and can win in other traditional routes. Hamler might not be a perfect route runner but he’s shown enough to where he’s going to keep getting better with the type of athlete that he is.

I really like KJ Hamler. In the 2nd round as a deep threat who can stretch the field and become a starter. Hamler has the potential to be a game-changer in the open field and good enough in other areas that make you feel that he’s more than just a small fast guy. Teams should be coveting KJ Hamler when the 2020 NFL Draft rolls around.