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2020 Fantasy Football

(Eric Lutzens/The Denver Post)

2020 Fantasy Football: Quarterback Sleepers

2020 Fantasy Football
2020 Fantasy Football quarterback sleepers. I don’t get why more people aren’t all over Drew Lock? Who else makes the sleeper list? (Eric Lutzens/The Denver Post)

It’s time to go over quarterback sleepers for the 2020 Fantasy Football season. Let me just go over this first. No, Matthew Stafford is not a sleeper. He was on pace to throw 38 touchdowns. Get out of here if that’s what you consider a sleeper. This is for the people who aren’t chumps doing 2 QB leagues. We’re talking deep sleepers that could end up making big time impacts. Here are your 2020 fantasy football quarterback sleepers.

*no order

Gardner Minshew (Jaguars)

There are going to be weeks that Gardner Minshew lights it up whether the Jaguars win or lose. They are all in on the stache. This is a bad football team, but that doesn’t mean Minshew has to be bad. They are going to be trailing and Minshew will be throwing. You *probably* don’t have to worry about him losing his job either.

Drew Lock (Broncos)

I don’t get this one. I think the rankers are wildly wrong. I haven’t seen once place that has him inside the top 20. I would put Lock inside the top 10. Lock was terrific last year and got a bunch of new toys. I don’t get it. What is there not to like? I said this before and I’ll say it again. If Lock becomes the best quarterback from his draft class I would not be shocked. People need to start getting on board with the fact that he’s talented.

Sam Darnold (Jets)

Don’t get me wrong, the Jets roster is horrendous. Darnold still found a way to go 7-6 with a dog shit roster. He’s a really good quarterback. Heading into year 3, I think he takes another leap. It’s not like they can rely on Lev Bell either. Darnold is 22! The man is young and only going to keep growing.

Tyrod Taylor (Chargers)

Look, I don’t know how long the man will start. What I do know is he’s very fantasy relevant when he does. In 3 years as a Bills starter, Taylor rushed for 14 touchdowns. That keeps the floor very high. IF Taylor starts, he’s almost a must start in fantasy. In 2 QB leagues, of course.

Tua Tagovailoa (Dolphins)

This is more of a long term play. Who knows when Tua Tagovailoa takes the field. The man is talented and the Dolphins schedule is a cake walk. Tua plays in a division where if he gets hot, they can win it and they’re not close to ready. They get a big leg up because they get last place Jacksonville and Cincinnati on the schedule.

Dwayne Haskins (Redskins)

What the Skins did to Dwayne Haskins a year ago was totally unfair. The guy never had a fighting chance. The supporting cast still isn’t great but he at least has stable coaching with Ron Rivera. If Rivera thought Haskins sucked, he would have moved on. Now we get a chance to see what he’s got. I think it will be better than you think.

Jameis Winston (Saints)

If you have Drew Brees in fantasy and you don’t pick up Winston, you’re an idiot. Winston is an elite fantasy QB always.

Marcus Mariota (Raiders)

It’s not a matter of if but when. Derek Carr is going to get benched at some point. Fair or unfair. I think Mariota is horrible but I could see him being useful for a few weeks throwing defenses off. He can run the ball which helps.


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