Worst To First
Which NFL teams could go from worst to first in 2020? It’s hard to find a team that is a sure fire team to make some noise. (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

Every year in the NFL, teams can surprise you and make a rapid turn around. The San Francisco 49ers were that team last year (even though I called it). Let’s try to examine which NFL teams could go from worst to first in 2020. I will break down each team that got last place in 2019 and rank their chances from 0-10 that they can come in first in 2020.

NFC East: Washington Redskins – 1

I won’t say it’s impossible but this one isn’t happening. The Skins have gotten better but they still have a long way to go. They don’t have a tight end, running back, or wide receiver that scares you. Dwayne Haskins needs more time to develop. Defensively, they will be a lot better in 2020. As far as talent goes, they are still way behind the Cowboys and Eagles.

NFC South: Carolina Panthers – 3

Again, not impossible here but not likely. The Panthers should be better than last year. The problem is they were bad defensively last year and lost Luke Keuchly. You don’t recover from that. I still wouldn’t count out Carolina. They will be better coached and receive better quarterback play than they did last year. I thought they did the best they could loading up on defense in the draft too.

NFC North: Detroit Lions – 2

I actually don’t hate the Lions chances… but it’s the Lions. What can go wrong will go wrong. I thought they nailed the draft, but it’s still the Lions. It doesn’t look like Matt Patricia has his shit together.

NFC West: Arizona Cardinals – 5

If any last team is going to win their division in 2020, it’s Arizona. Nobody improved more than the Cardinals did heading into this season. Keep in mind we have a full season of Kenyan Drake coming too. DeAndre Hopkins, Jordan Phillips, De’Vondre Campbell were added. Then the draft came and the Cardinals were able to add Isaiah Simmons and Josh Jones.

If Kyler Murray makes a big step forward, they have a real shot. The only downside is the division is beyond brutal. There’s no better division in football.

AFC East: Miami Dolphins – 4

The only reason Miami is this high is because the division is dreadful. Bill Belichick lost his mind, the Jets roster is trash, and the Bills are the Bills. Miami’s roster is still ass but they’re getting better and are well coached. Who knows what their plans are for Tua Tagovailoa? If he starts, they sure as hell have a chance.

AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals – 0

No chance. Not a shot in hell. Yes, Joe Burrow is coming but who cares? Cincinnati is so much worse than Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Cleveland. Not shot. Keep it moving.

AFC South: Jacksonville Jaguars – 0

No shot. The Jaguars are clearly tanking. Total rebuild. NEXT.

AFC West: Chargers – 0

Your head coach is Anthony Lynn. Your quarterback is either Tyrod Taylor or Justin Herbert. It’s laughable to think they have a shot to win this division.