New NFL Uniforms

All of the new NFL uniforms have now been revealed, and there are some great ones and some…not so great. I think the look you give off is important because if you’re distinct, the more you stand out. There are 7 teams with new uniforms this year: The Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Let’s properly rank them, and my reasoning for each of the new rank.

#7 Cleveland Browns

CAN WE PLEASE JUST GET A WHOLE NEW BRAND FOR THE BROWNS? Hate everything about the Browns look. First, Brown and Orange? Arguably the ugliest colors in the color wheel? Yeah, that’ll go good together. *eye roll* The Browns? What a shitty name, let’s name ourselves after the color of shit because that’ll all we’ve been for years. Anyway, I’m getting off-topic. The Browns unis are ugly, mostly because of the color scheme. These are the worst of the new NFL uniforms. The design is okay, you just can’t expect a lot from the Browns. The white one is by far the best one for the Browns.

#6 Los Angeles Rams

Good Lord, people get paid to make these shitty brands and designs? I’m in the wrong business (Not really, I love sports). But the point stands, thr RAms branding was just really poorly done. The logo could have been a lot better with just some minor adjustments, or at least the secondary logo. The Rams took something iconic and just messed it all up. The uniforms don’t do it justice either. In fact, that might be the worst thing about them. It’s as if a toddler made them. At least the colors are better than Cleveland’s. The only thing that they didn’t mess up the helmet.

#5 Indianapolis Colts

Okay, I got my rants out of the way. Next is the Colts. They really didn’t do anything it seems like. There are not too many noticeable differences between this year and last year. The Colts changes were more in the branding of it all, but they did change the numbers slightly. I just had to put the Colts over the two clusterfucks below them.

#4 New England Patriots

I’ve never liked the Patriots, but I thought their uniforms were always iconic and really well done. At first, I wasn’t feeling these uniforms but the more I look at them, the better they become. With the Patriots really looked at as a team that screams USA because of the name and colors, the stripes of red and white or red and blue are a nice touch. They kept the logo the same and made the uniforms a little bit more modern. Could be leaving Tom Brady behind with their new uniforms, who knows.

#3 Atlanta Falcons

I think these got too much hate when they came out. I thought they were really well done and a nice upgrade from their old ones. I liked the old ones too. On the old ones, I liked the logo on the the sleeves, but if they did that on these, it would look tacky. I am a big fan of the red fading into black jersey, that one is clean.

#2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I still hate Tom Brady and the Bucs, but their new jerseys are nice. As much as I loved the now old Bucs jerseys, they were out of place and didn’t really fit the theme of the Buccaneers. However, now, the Bucs have brought back some old-style to their new jerseys. It fits much better and is unique and well done. Everything goes together nicely with these jerseys. I’m not sure if I am a fan of the dark tan jerseys yet but we’ll see.

#1 Los Angeles Chargers

These are by far the best of the new NFL uniforms and one of the best uniforms of the NFL. The Chargers haven’t had much playoff success or been to a Super Bowl. But their jersey concepts and branding has always been on point. I hate the Chargers since they are in the Raiders division, but I have always appreciated the Chargers branding and jerseys. They made the powder blue permanent. The all blue and the dark blue jerseys are a work of art too. Can’t wait to see these bad boys twice a year when they play the Raiders. I hate the Chargers, love the brand.