2020 Fantasy Football
2020 Fantasy Football: Quarterback rankings! Patrick Mahomes leads the way but who makes the top 10? Read to find out. (David Eulitt/Getty Images)

We’re back with more 2020 fantasy football content. Now let’s jump to the quarterback rankings. We will just rank the top 10. Make sure to stay locked in because we have a big surprise coming later with fantasy content. Here we go. 2020 Fantasy Football quarterback rankings.

1: Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)

It’s hard not to just slap Patrick Mahomes at the top of the list every single year. Mahomes is the face of the league and now has a new toy out of the backfield to dump it off to. What more can you say?

2: Kyler Murray (Cardinals)

Kyler Murray is my big stamp this year. It’s still a bad defense that you will have to get in shootouts with. Murray is going to pick up points with his legs. Oh, did I mention DeAndre Hopkins is coming to? Year 2 for Kyler is going to be a big one.

3: Russell Wilson (Seahawks)

Russell Wilson should have been the MVP a year ago. You can just bookmark things for Wilson. Nobody carries a franchise quite like Wilson. 30 touchdowns easy money every year. His supporting cast should be improving too.

4: Deshaun Watson (Texans)

Deshaun Watson no longer has DeAndre Hopkins but the man is a top 5 QB in this league. The roster took a dip which means Watson will have to throw more. David Johnson is also totally washed up. Watson will keep picking up points with his legs. Even if he repeats his 2019 performance, this is an elite fantasy option and that was only with 26 touchdowns.

5: Lamar Jackson (Ravens)

As much as I hate Lamar Jackson, his rushing ability will keep his floor high. This Ravens defense is way better than a year ago. They also have an easier schedule. Jackson won’t run as much as he did. The numbers will come down. Jackson is still going to add touchdowns with his legs which keeps him a high end starter.

6: Carson Wentz (Eagles)

Carson Wentz was QB7 in fantasy over the final 5 weeks of the season throwing the dog shit wide receivers. Philly beefed up the WR room. Marquise Goodwin, Jalen Reagor, and much more. Healthy DeSean Jackson changes things. I’ll take Wentz all day.

7: Josh Allen (Bills)

Josh Allen has big time value in fantasy. Allen has 17 rushing touchdowns the last two years. That’s not going away. Now he gets Stefon Diggs to up his passing touchdowns. If Allen throws for 25, he could end up being QB 1. Not a joke. Remember, it’s fantasy.

8: Drew Lock (Broncos)

How can you not love Drew Lock? The former Mizzou QB led Denver to a quiet 4-1 down the stretch. Last year, Lock only had Courtland Sutton. Now he has Jerry Jeudy and KJ Hamler. Melvin Gordon can do some things in the passing game too. The Broncos will be better than you think they will.

9: Dak Prescott (Cowboys)

Dak Prescott was QB3 in fantasy last year. I’m not sure he repeats that but adding CeeDee Lamb helps maintain it. Dak is also bound to add at least some rushing ability to the table.

10: Matt Ryan (Falcons)

Matt Ryan sneaks in the top 10 here. He’s very much in that Matthew Stafford tier except more available. The Falcons have a bad defense and always for Matty ice to air it out. Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley are still in town. Ryan should be a more than capable fantasy option.