2020 Fantasy Football
2020 Fantasy Football: Tight End Rankings. Which tight ends make the top 10? Read the post to find out! (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

The only thing I can think about is fantasy right now. The site is going to hit 2020 Fantasy Football content heavy this year. I can promise you that. We’re going to try to rank the top 10 tight ends in fantasy entering the 2020 season. The top guys are usually obvious. It’s about the rest of the rankings which matter so much for this position. Here we go. Which tight ends crack the top 10 for the 2020 fantasy football rankings?

I don’t do PPR Leagues so these rankings for for standard leagues. Take your PPR cheese somewhere else.

1: George Kittle (49ers)

I think George Kittle is the best tight end in the NFL so he tops the list. Kittle is coming off a 1,053 yards and 5 touchdowns. No reason he can’t do that again or even improve that number. He’s the lead receiving target for this team and it hasn’t changed much.

2: Travis Kelce (Chiefs)

What can you say here? Travis Kelce is a stud in a high powered offense. Kelce was the most targeted tight end all year. No reason for that to change. Kelce is coming off a 1,229 yard and 5 touchdown season. You know what you’re getting here.

3: Mark Andrews (Ravens)

Mark Andrews was actually the number one scoring tight end a year ago. My fantasy team thanks him for his contributions. This one is actually hard. The crazy part is there is room to improve. Andrews ranked 5th in total targets but 1st in points. With Hayden Hurst out the door, more targets are probably coming. The thing that made Andrews so valuable were his 10 touchdowns. He is the only red zone target for this team. You should feel good about Andrews again.

4: Darren Waller (Raiders)

Darren Waller was my big sleeper last year and boy did he come through. 3rd most targets at the position. It resulted in 1,145 yards and 3 touchdowns. No reason that touchdown number shouldn’t come up either.

5: Zach Ertz (Eagles)

Zach Ertz comes in a little lower than expected only because of the presence of Dallas Goedert. Ertz still gets the ball thrown in his direction a ton. 135 targets in 2019. However, I worry that’s coming down in 2020. The Eagles beefed up the WR core this offseason. Dallas Goedert is also emerging as a really good player. It’s hard to imagine a bad season but there are probably better options.

6: Hunter Henry (Chargers)

Talent is not the issue, injuries are. In 12 games during the 2019 season, Henry had 652 yards and 5 touchdowns. Extract that out to 16 games and we’re really talking. The problem is 16 games hasn’t happened. 35 starts in 4 years. Not exactly ideal. Maybe the man is due.

7: Evan Engram (Giants)

Another example of talent vs durability. 44 receptions, 467 yards, and 3 touchdowns in 2019… in 8 games! More impressive 6 starts because injuries nagged him in a few games he played. Now double those numbers. Engram can be a very good tight end option. Again, more so injuries. 25 starts in 3 years. Is Engram due?

8: Mike Gesicki (Dolphins)

Mike Gesicki is my sleeper this year. The Penn State product has improved year after year. He’s coming off a quiet season with 5 touchdowns and 7th in targets at the position.

9: Rob Gronkowski (Bucs)

It’s going to be hard for Rob Gronkowski to not be a top 10 fantasy tight end. Dallas Goedert was the 9th highest scoring tight end in fantasy last year. He doesn’t even start. If Gronk can reel in 500 yards and 7 or 8 touchdowns, he’s a top 10 tight end. Tom Brady vouches for him so he’s going to get him the ball.

10: Irv Smith (Vikings)

If it’s not this year, it’s next year. I think Irv Smith is uber talented. I could have went Goedert here but I think Irv Smith can usurp Kyle Rudolph this year. Just a matter of when. Goedert isn’t taking over Ertz’s spot. Good enough to make the final spot.