2021 NFL Draft
Way too early 2021 NFL Draft tight end rankings. Is Kyle Pitts the next Darren Waller? Who else makes the list? (Chris King / Alligator)

2021 NFL Draft: Way Too Early Tight End Rankings

We continue with the 2021 NFL Draft big boards. Tight ends are next up on the docket. The good news is that this class is significantly better than a year ago. This past year, everybody was a flier. This year, we might have some star power. Let’s dive into the 2021 NFL Draft rankings for the tight ends.

1: Kyle Pitts (Florida)

Movement skills are off the charts for Kyle Pitts. They just don’t make them like this. This is Darren Waller all day. 6-foot-6, 240, and runs like a gazelle. Pitts is going to be a STAR.

2: Pat Freiermuth (Penn State)

I comped the Penn State tight end to Jason Witten when I was watching him. Young Witten, of course. His best case is Rob Gronkowski. Not an elite athlete but powerful and finds a way to get open. I’m not saying he’s a bad athlete but it’s not Pitts movement wise. Freiermuth is much more of a classic tight end. Blocking is already up to par.

3: Brevin Jordan (Miami)

To me, Brevin Jordan looks like a bigger version of Evan Engram. That’s a great thing. Might even have more potential than David Njoku. The size and speed are great. He needs to become more polished. Clean up the drops and start to become more productive. Jordan can block a little too. It’s a big year for Jordan who still has a lot to prove.

4: Nick Eubanks (Michigan)

I like Nick Eubanks. Flys under the radar because of horrendous QB play. good size at 6-foot-5 and shows some athletic traits. Only 25 receptions for 243 yards this past year but I think something is here.

Honorable mention for watch list. Matt Bushman (BYU), Briley Moore (Northern Iowa), Charlie Kolar (Iowa State)