Derrick Henry
James Kenney/Associated Press

In some fantasy leagues, Touchdowns are the most valuable aspect of the league (as they should be). For RBs, that should be one of your most powerful indicators on if a RB is good for fantasy or not. The more TDs he has, the more valuable they are. TDs are usually 6 points or more. More leagues also have rushing yards as .1 for each yard. So, 60 yards is equivalent to 1 TD. You see the difference here? 1 TD and 60 yards are as valuable as 120 yards with no TDs. More points for less work. You get it, TDs are king, let’s move on. Derrick Henry should be your guy if you need TDs.

Derrick Henry 2019

So, why is Derrick Henry your guy? In 2019, Derrick Henry tied for the most rushing TDs in the league at 16. Yes, 16 TDs. At 6 points apiece, that’s almost 100 points off of TDs. The person he tied with was Aaron Jones. So naturally, we should include Aaron Jones in this conversation, right? Not quite. Derrick Henry is 6’3 and 240 lbs aka huge as shit for a RB. He is the go-to RB on every down and is the goal line RB. He proves every year that he is one of the hardest guys to bring down and will come at you. That’s where he gets his TDs. So why isn’t Aaron Jones in there? Well, Jones is 5’10 and 205 lbs. That’s about normal for a RB. The problem is that the Packers drafted AJ Dillion, who’s 6′ and 250 lbs. Who are you putting at the goal line in that situation? Dillion or Jones. That’s what I thought.

Derrick Henry had a slow start in 2019, probably because some teams didn’t trust Marcus Mariota’s ability to throw. He finished strong though. In fact, since week 10 in 6 games he had about 900 yards and 10 TDs. That’s an average of 150 yards and at least 1 TD per game. Don’t worry I’ll do the math. That’s easily 21 points right off the bat. So it’s fair to say, with Tannehill behind center, Henry’s production soars.

Final Assessment

I won’t say Derrick Henry is THE best RB for fantasy in 2020, but man he’s got to be top 3 if not top 5. Off the top of my head, the only person I would pick over Henry is Christian McCaffrey for obvious reasons. Other than that, I can’t see a better RB option than Derrick Henry. With really only AJ Brown as a solid WR, expect the Titans to shove the ball down defenses throat with Henry. He’s going to score a lot of TDs for the Titans, and hopefully your fantasy team.