Zack Moss
Zack Moss: The best physical runner in the 2020 NFL Draft? Does that pounding running style translate to the NFL level? (Kristin Murphy, Deseret News)

When I separate the running backs in every draft, they fall into 3 categories. Complete, pass catchers, of big bruisers. I’m talking about the running backs I like anyway. When it comes to Utah running back Zack Moss, that dude has one speed. Moss is going to punch you in the most and not think twice about trying to avoid the next hit. Zack Moss is the best physical runner in the 2020 NFL Draft. The question is does it translate to the next level?

There is one stat that just stands out when talking about Zack Moss. The Utah running back averaged 6 yards per carry in 2019, but that’s not the crazy part. He averaged 4.5 of those yards AFTER contact. Let me repeat that because I don’t think you’re processing what I’m saying. On an average carry, Moss what hit 1.5 yards past the line of scrimmage. He then proceeded to rip off 4.5 more yards after being hit. WOAH!

This video below does a pretty good job showing what kind of runner Moss is:

Speed? Not at all (4.65). Agility? God no. Punch you in the mouth? All day. In fact, if you notice, Moss would rather absorb the contact. He has this weird thing where sometimes he can avoid the hit but would rather seek it out if he can. Zack Moss is just a 223 pound bulldozer coming at you.

The question is how does that translate to the NFL? Are you really banking on Moss being Derrick Henry? Moss is WAY smaller than Henry is. How many just pure physical runners make it at the NFL level? Moss has very little wiggle to him which is weird considering he’s related to Santana Moss. He also has missed a lot of games in the past dealing with injuries most of his college career.

So where does that leave Zack Moss? Is he in the class of D’Andre Swift and JK Dobbins? No way. Can he be in a tier below and function as a power back for an offense as a mid-round pick? For sure. Don’t make Zack Moss into something he’s not. Let him go knock somebody out for you. That’s what Moss is.