One of the screenshots of EDP445 released by Predator Poachers

YouTuber Bryant Moreland, better known as EDP445 or simply EDP, was caught trying to meet up with a 13-year-old girl. A group on social media called the Predator Poachers approached EDP with photo evidence of him trying to meet an underage girl and confronted on camera. The group also released the video and photos of said conversations to the public.

First of all, it’s crazy how far people have been going to defend EDP. I get it I guess. The guy was funny and is responsible for a large number of memes that have made me laugh hysterically. But just because someone has 2 million subscribers on YouTube doesn’t mean we should be ok with him trying to hook up with an underage girl. Even though there was no 13-year-old girl, EDP’s intent was to hook up with her.

Believe it or not, this is not the first time EDP has been exposed. In October of last year, EDP was catfished by a dude pretending to be a 17-year-old. In those messages, EDP threatens the person he is talking to and saying he would “find them” if the messages made it online. EDP made a video a few months earlier before the catfish incident addressing pedophilia accusations. He denied all accusations, but obviously, that was false.

EDP445 didn’t just get exposed, he was exposed in 8K Ultra IMax Dolby surround sound. In the video with Predator Poachers, EDP admits what his intentions were. It is definitely not outside the realm of possibility that legal action could be taken against EDP. Again, I hate it just as much as the next guy. It’s no fun learning the truth about people you enjoy. But life sucks. I’m sure the memes will stick around, but I think EDP’s days on YouTube could be numbered.

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