Paul Brothers
Can we just acknowledge the Paul brothers are smart? The real problem is the rest of the human population. (Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Can We Just Acknowledge The Paul Brothers Are Smart?

I genuinely hate a good 95% of the human population. One of the many reasons why I hate most humans is because they’re too stupid to realize they often seek the opposite outcome of what is actually in their best interest. We see this all the time in politics where people are too stupid to realize they vote for the opposite side that actually benefits them.

Most of the human population is too stupid to realize all of your negative social media does the opposite of what you want. Skip Bayless is one of the dumbest and most ignorant humans alive. Skip has three million followers and gets paid millions to essentially put a clown suit on every day. Do you think he would still be on TV if everyone was smart enough to realize hate watching or hate comment does more harm than good?

Humans are stupid. It’s why I hate most of them.

At what point do we just acknowledge we are to blame for the Paul Brothers getting so much recognition? Stop talking about them if you don’t care. Instead, they have conned you into believing their boxing career is important and you fell for it. Kuddos to the Paul brothers. I actually respect the hell out of them. They’re smart as hell. I’d be friends with both of them yesterday.

Our own people are guilty of this. I’ve heard several Vendetta personalities say they want to fight the Paul Brothers. This isn’t meant as disrespect because I’m virtually in the same boat but who the fuck are you? The Paul Brothers would be doing YOU a favor by fighting someone with no following. Some of the things our own people have said makes my skin crawl.

Both Paul brothers are former wrestlers. Have you ever been to a real wrestling practice. I’ll give you a hint of what it’s like. Picture hell. I have massive respect for both of them.

The Paul’s have somehow hijacked the sport of boxing. Respect. Good for them. I wish them well. I enjoy a good scam. If you hate the Paul brothers… blame yourself.

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