Yankees Struggles
(Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports)

Time For A Change

Putting aside the worst call in MLB history last night, the 2021 Yankees suck, currently sitting in fourth place in the AL East, and their roster does not resemble the Yankees teams that were able to turn their seasons around. I know I just wrote about all of this, but the team continues to play uninspired baseball and show zero fight.

Marcus Thames Needs To Go

I feel one change is the most likely: the firing of hitting coach Marcus Thames. Thames has been with the team since 2017 but the way he has been teaching the players to hit has not had much of an effect, as the Yankees currently have the fifth-worst batting average as a team in the league.

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New York’s pitching has remained solid, but the better the team pitches, the worse the bats perform. The Yanks desperately need a change, and firing Thames could light a spark in them. It might get Gleyber Torres his power back too.

Is Brian Cashman Safe?

Brian Cashman is one of the best GMs in the league, period. The positive moves he has made greatly outweigh the negative moves over his 23 years as GM, but his recent moves have not put the team in a position to contend. The pinstripes were within one game of the 2017 World Series against the cheating Astros, but the team has stagnated since then and has not progressed.

The argument against Cashman is that he has forced the team to completely rely on analytics. He believes that exit velocity, launch angle, spin rate, and other statistics are more important than just getting players who can fucking hit. Analytics are important, but past World Series winners have had more to offer than just analytical prowess; they had guys who could step up to the plate and start or continue rallies with their clutch hitting.

Logically, this has to all fall on Cashman. He built the team, hired the manager and coaches, and implemented the current home run or bust strategy. Although it is unlikely that he gets fired, the only way the Yankees can turn their current skid around is if the front office finally accepts a change in the types of players they covet.

Thanks, Hal Steinbrenner

Realistically, if George Steinbrenner was still alive, changes would have been made long ago. He did not accept losing, and this most recent stretch of Yankees baseball would have been enough for him to fire Cashman. Instead, his son Hal has failed to put his team in a position to win. Ownership has to be prepared to make changes to all aspects of the organization, as the Yankees do not currently look like the historic franchise that baseball fans know them to be.