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Will Rockstar Ever Make Bully 2?

Will Rockstar ever make another Bully game? This PS2 classic should be remembered fondly even if we never get another version of the game. (Bully)

Will Rockstar Ever Make Bully 2?

The last couple of weeks I’ve been watching Chris Smoove’s YouTube series Bully during my lunch breaks I give myself. I almost forgot how great this PS2 classic was. Welcome to Bullworth Academy! Where anything goes and your top job is to become the big dog at school. Just an overall fantastic game and one that should be remembered more fondly.

However, it got me thinking; Bully was originally created in 2006. When the hell is Bully 2 coming? Yes, I know. We may not ever get another one because of today’s climate. Given the number of school shootings we have in America, creating another game like this might not ever go over well.

Then again, we also know this game Rockstar likes to play. They really don’t create enough games (nor do they have to). They make a ridiculous amount of money from GTA 5 (even though that game actually blows) and that was created in 2013. They don’t ever seem to be in a rush to put out the next game. Rockstar finally confirmed GTA6 is on the way but who knows exactly when we’re getting that.

There are no plans to create another Bully game. The good news is, all hope is not lost and we’re probably going to get another iteration of the game eventually. Sure, it’s going to be a tough needle to thread creating another version of the game. As long as guns aren’t part of the game, it does feel like eventually Bully 2 will be greenlit. It just might be a while considering all of Rockstar’s eggs are going to be in the Grand Theft Auto 6 basket.

I can’t wait until Bully 2 drops. Kissing girls, throwing stink bombs, passing class, getting into fights. Such an underrated game and one that deserves more love. If and when that next game drops, it’s instantly a must buy.


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