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Jeff Petry

Jeff Petry Has Fallen Off A Cliff

Jeff Petry
Jeff Petry has fallen off a cliff. Petry looks old and washed up. Contenders shouldn’t have any interest prying him from a bad Canadiens team. (PAUL SANCYA / ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Jeff Petry Has Fallen Off A Cliff

Jeff Petry let me introduce you to, cliff. Cliff, this is Jeff. Get to know each other.

That’s how I assume that conversation went for Jeff Petry prior to the start of 2021-22 season. After a Stanley Cup Finals run, Montreal is now without question the worst team in hockey sporting a record of 8-31-7. The Canadiens have already fired Dominique Ducharme, but the biggest reason why this team has fallen off a cliff is because of that back line defense.

Losing Carey Price was always going to be a huge blow. We both know he’s not the reason for this massive dip by the Canadiens. The truth of the matter is, the loss of Shea Weber hurts more than anybody wants to admit. It’s made someone like Petry become exposed in a hurry.

Weber isn’t the best defensemen in the league. However, we do know that Weber brings solid defense, a wicked shot, and an overall toughness that just sort of makes everyone on that back line a little better. Without him, Petry has been elevated to that top role and frankly isn’t suited for the job.

I understand the fact that Montreal isn’t very good. Maybe it’s time to just acknowledge that Petry isn’t either. I also know that +/- isn’t everything but we’re also talking about a guy who has a career mark of -124. Not great, Bob!

In 39 games this season, Petry has one goal and five assists. I don’t care how bad the Canadiens are, that isn’t close to acceptable. He’s also doing this while playing 22.35 minutes of average ice time. Petry is so bad that he can’t even fall his way into an assist at this point. Petry has basically hit the 30 assist mark in each of the last four years.

Maybe it’s just time we face the facts. This guy stinks. He’s old and washed up. Petry has 56 shots this year. For comparison’s sake, he had 128 in a 55 game shortened season last year. His Corsi number sits at a paltry 47.7. Same goes for the Fenwick (46.0).

There have been reports that Petry is available on the market. Apparently, Montreal is not willing to sell Petry at a discount. Is this some kind of a joke? Who wants this guy? The guy sucks, looks old – washed up, and is signed for three additional seasons after this one for an AAV of $6.25 million. Yeah, I’ll pass. Discount? I need picks and assets just to take this bum off your hands.

It’s not a surprise that the Canadiens took a step back this year. It’s a surprise that they are this bad. Jeff Petry is probably the number one reason why. Montreal has allowed a league worst 184 goals on the season. Yes, the goaltending has been bad but so has Petry and the overall defense. The guy has fallen off a cliff. At this point, it’s silly to suggest anybody would be interested in Petry. Retirement seems closer than a magical potion that helps Petry regain his form.


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