The Athletic
The Athletic increased the price of their yearly subscription. How stupid do you have to be to pay for this dog shit publication service? (The Athletic)

Who The Hell Is Dumb Enough To Pay For The Athletic?

The Athletic has found a way to market themselves as Fillico water. Fillico is $219 per 750 ML of water. Somehow, someway, they have convinced people to pay that amount for water and nobody seems outraged by it. Meet The Athletic of the sports media world. They have somehow convinced the public to overpay for shitty water except in the sports media world.

I am not stupid enough to pay for The Athletic but I imagine it’s like drinking water. I can find the same bullshit everywhere else. The only difference is they have more recognizable names like Shams Charania, Ken Rosenthal, Keith Law, etc. They don’t do groundbreaking stuff. It’s like paying for the old newspaper except on internet form.

The newspaper is dead for a reason. I would imagine The Athletic will die too because it’s a flawed business model. People are just really stupid.

The Athletic is far from financially stable. It’s why they are increasing the cost of their subscription fee. After attempts at a merger with Axios, then the New York Times fell through, Variety‘s Brian Steinberg reports they are increasing the subscription cost to $71.99 per year. The change is effective July 16, 2021.

“We have got 450 reporters, writers, editors, producers on three continents producing as much volume as any national newspaper in the world per week,” The Athletic CEO and co-founder Alex Mather told Steinberg, insisting the company has maintained the same price point from its earlier, smaller days.

Insane. Absolutely insane. Read that shitty publication or splurge on some crab legs? Easy choice. They don’t produce ground breaking content like we do. Jackson Law over here running 2K simulations of the all Kendall Jenner team. Nope… At The Athletic, you are paying for a rich man version of Bob Nightengale. Hard pass.

Who is dumb enough to pay for this? Do you realize you are paying for expensive water? Do you realize you have been conned? Do you realize you are a sheep? Do you realize you are a boomer?