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Kendall Jenner

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Would a Team of the Ex Basketball Boyfriends of Kendall Jenner Win a Title?

Kendall Jenner
Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

Kendall Jenner has been around the block when it comes to dating NBA players. The Kardashian family in general has dated/married many NBA players, but Kendall may have the most in her bag. As far as I can tell, she has been with seven NBA players. The meme potential is through the roof with lots of people saying her boyfriends put together would be a playoff team. That got me thinking, what if we did put all her ex’s together on one team? Would they make it to the playoffs? Would they make it all the way and win a title?

I got increasingly curious and decided to put together the team in an NBA 2K20 simulation. I put them on the Knicks because I didn’t want to disturb the good teams and really give the Jenner squad a challenge.


PG: D’Angelo Russell
SG: Devin Booker
SF: Ben Simmons
PF: Kyle Kuzma
C: Blake Griffen
Bench: Jordan Clarkson, Chandler Parsons

Some quick notes before we make it to the meat of the post. This isn’t a terrible roster on paper. I went ahead and used some Knicks role players to fill out a 10 man rotation, but gave Clarkson and Parsons the top spots off the bench. Here’s to hoping in the future Kendall Jenner dates more NBA players so I can do this again. Can Booker keep some of the Bubble magic alive?

Regular Season

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner

The Jenner Squad ended with a regular season record of 50-32. Honestly, not that bad. 50 wins is nothing to scoff at. Booker lead the way in scoring, while Simmons did a little bit of everything. Both made the reserve squad for the All Star game. It would have been nice to see everyone else step it up a bit, but 50 wins was good enough for the 4 seed for the playoffs.

Playoff Results

Kendall Jenner’s boys got so close. It took 7 games to take care of the Nets, but only 5 to take down the Bucks. They took the Raptors to 7, but just couldn’t get it done in the end. Perhaps with another year, and some more NBA boyfriends, this team can be really be something special. Kendall Jenner really has the makings of a dynasty on her hands.


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