Nick Foles
Who the hell were the Jaguars bidding against when they gave Nick Foles $88 million? How will Foles fair with the #jaguars (Yong Kim / Philadelphia Inquirer)

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed their quarterback of the future when they landed Nick Foles to a 4-year deal worth $88 million. If Foles were to hit certain incentives, the deal can reach a maximum value of $102. $50 of it is guaranteed. Forget the fact that the Jags landed Foles. Who the hell were they bidding against?

Name a team that was going to hand Foles that type of contract? Denver traded for Joe Flacco. The Redskins traded for Case Keenum. The Cardinals, Giants, and Raiders are in the young quarterback market. The Dolphins are flat out tanking. Cincinnati and Tennessee seem tied to their quarterback who sucks for now. That leaves just the Jaguars. Jacksonville bid against themselves in the worst bidding war of all time.

Is Nick Foles an upgrade over Blake Bortles? Hell yeah. Is he this god that everyone seems to be bragging about? Not really. Foles, 30, spent the majority of his career as a backup. In 2018, Foles went 4-1 completing 73.2 percent of his throws with a 7-4 TD to INT ratio. He just reminds me so much of Ryan Fitzpatrick. In spirts, Foles is awesome. Just when you hand him the job on a full-time basis, he sucks. That feels like the case in Jacksonville.

Foles also won’t have Doug Pederson, Alshon Jeffery, or Zach Ertz. Instead, he will have lazy Leonard Fournette who runs into the line of scrimmage and falls over. Oh, he will also have idiot Dede Westbrook and a bunch of no name wide outs. Good luck, Nick.