MJ Vs. LeBron Debate
At what point does the MJ versus LeBron debate become boring? It’s comical that anybody even cares about this stupid topic. (Chuck Burton/Associated Press)

At What Point Does The MJ Versus LeBron Debate Become Boring?

The Lakers won the championship; therefore, we must talk about Michael Jordan. When The Last Dance aired during quarantine, LeBron James was somehow always a talking point. At what point does the MJ versus LeBron debate become boring? The fact that anybody cares about this topic is pure insanity.

Who was the better player, Michael Jordan or LeBron James? How about who cares? For starters, comparing eras is stupid. Fun fact! Did you know Kirk Cousins is averaging and has the same touchdown percentage as Dan Marino? Does anybody try to make the argument that Cousins is better than Marino? No, because Marino played in a different era that was way less pass centric.

The pace of the game is different compared to back when Jordan played. They also played way more defense and called fouls differently 25 years ago. The 3-point shot changed the game, and load management is now a thing. You could list off 100 items that are different in the NBA compared to 25 years ago.

It baffles me that day after day; sports analysts continue to compare the two. It has become Pavlov’s dog. Ring the bell, and here comes Nick Wright foaming at the mouth to tell you why he trims his beard to look like a rich Amish person. Dance monkey dance! Media analysts everyone willingly make fools of themselves, and worse yet, the NBA consumer loves it.

This is the problem with NBA fans. They’re just Charmin ultra-soft. They are the softest form of sports fan. Tough guy Twitter acts only to cause a rise out of people. No other sports fan would care about this sort of topic—just the loser NBA fans.

Who’s the better running back, Adrian Peterson or Jim Brown? Nobody cares or tries to compare the two. Can we all just make a pact and refuse to click on or share anything when it comes to the MJ vs. LeBron debate? Dance Monkey Dance! When will the insanity stop! WHO CARES!