Michael Jordan Documentary
Nathaniel S Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

I’ve been waiting for this since they have announced the Michael Jordan Documentary first of 2018. I won’t lie to you, I’m a huge MJ fan. I think he is the GOAT over Lebron James and I don’t see my mind changing about that. Lebron James is a tremendous player and deserves all the respect, but he’s just not the best to ever do it. I may be biased but that’s how I feel. Besides, he’s at least 2nd in everyone with a brain’s books.

When they announced the Michael Jordan Documentary “The Last Dance”, and said it will be a 10 part documentary, I literally squealed for joy. Not only is there an MJ documentary but 10 PARTS?! YES PLEASE. The timing is eerie though. The longer that Lebron plays, the more people say he is the GOAT and he surely has a case. It seems that Michael Jordan just wanted to remind everyone why he was called the GOAT before Lebron. Without further ado, let’s review the first two episodes of “The Last Dance.” *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Episode 1 Michael Jordan Documentary

My initial thoughts, from a filming perspective, this is really well done. My next thought is what the fuck is Jerry Krause issue?! Imagine having arguably the best coach and the best player at the time and COMPLAINING. He was pushing for a rebuild…why? Literally makes no sense, and what a terrible thing to do as a GM.

Wow, the indoor soccer team was more popular than the Chicago Bulls? That’s INSANE. I couldn’t imagine any team being less popular than an NBA team, even back then. I totally forgot that the James Worthy and MJ played together at UNC. Regardless, I’m glad they are talking about his college career, not enough is talked enough there. He was such a tremendous dunker in college. Hakeem being chosen before MJ makes sense in terms of college tape.

The Chicago Bulls were a mess, but when MJ talks about the state of the team doing drugs and having women, there’s no doubt in my mind that MJ did cocaine. Imagine being the team leader by your third game in the NBA though, that’s wild. Side note- the music played through his highlights is a SLAP. God, his layups are stupid acrobatic. It looks like they are going to do Michael Jordan’s whole career?

I’m sorry, but Jerry Krause being roasted by MJ every chance he gets is hilarious. Toni Kukoc is often forgotten when everyone brings up these legendary Bulls, hopefully, they show him some so he can get some recognition. This is where episode 1 ended and I am just glad that it didn’t end there cause I couldn’t wait another week for another episode.

Episode 2 Michael Jordan Documentary

What’s wild is that I don’t hear enough about Scottie Pippen, he was underappreciated and underpaid. Takes a helluva man to do that for a title. It really looks like that no one liked Jerry Krause. Wow, I never knew this much about Scottie Pippen. He was really a guard and then grew 6 inches, and became a 6’7 guard in college.

Props to Scottie Pippen though, by sitting out with an injury and doing his surgery late to hurt the Bulls. He deserved to be petty, he knew his worth and he was showing them that he was that valuable. Michael Jordan said Scottie was wrong in that situation, but really, the management was wrong in that situation.

Michael Jordan as a kid? SAY LESS. Michael Jordan was competing with his brother for his dad’s attention? Wild. It’s been said before, but Michael Jordan’s high school coach will be kicking himself for not having him on his team his freshman year. But that made him who MJ was.

Wow, injury or not, minutes restriction or not, you have a chance to get into a pivotal position to make the playoffs and you don’t let MICHAEL JORDAN play 33 more seconds? That’s absurd. I don’t like Jerry Krause and I completely understand the disdain for Krause. So, they make the playoffs, Michael Jordan drops 49 points, and they still lose to the #1 seed Celtics by almost 20 points. MICHAEL JORDAN DROPS 63 AND THE BULLS STILL LOSE? Lebron fans act like Lebron was the only one doing that.

Does Jerry Krause finally do something good? About time, just sounded like this dude was a hoe. Wait, did he say he was going to try to make the team get better after saying he was getting rid of Phil Jackson and blow up the Bulls? Wtf. Jerry Krause is a hoe, my official review in one sentence. Till next week.

Next week, it looks like the Michael Jordan documentary goes to the many infamous series between the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls and more on Scottie Pippen.