Jamison Crowder
Jamison Crowder has been the lone bright spot on the New York Jets. Where would this offense be without him? (Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

Jamison Crowder: The Lone Bright Spot For The Jets

2020 has been a weird year, but the Jets still stink, providing us some semblance of normalcy. The Jets pretty much stink in every single aspect of the game, minus Jamison Crowder. New York has not done well with free-agent acquisitions, but Crowder has been a success. He’s the only bright spot on a terrible Jets team.

The Jets by far have the worst roster in the league. Crowder isn’t number one receiver material, but he’s playing like one. Crowder has played three games this year and has gone over the 100-yard mark in each one. Nobody else in the league has been able to replicate three straight 100 yard games this year.

Crowder, 27, is turning into more than just a reliable target. As crazy as it sounds, Crowder is a set it and forget it in your fantasy lineup until further notice. The former Duke product is averaging 15.2 yards per reception and reeling in a catch percentage of 66.7%. Say whatever you want about the Jets; they got this one right.

Crowder was drafted by Washington to be a slot guy. In a typical offense, maybe that’s the case. With the Jets? Crowder is the entire source of offense. New York doesn’t have any other options. The Jets rely on Braxton Berrios, something called Jeff Smith, and the disappearing act of Chris Herndon.

I can’t imagine how bad this offense would be without Jamison Crowder. As the Jets get set to enter a serious rebuild, the Duke product is one piece New York can hang on to and feel good about.