John Harbaugh
John Harbaugh defended his psycho move to stick with Lamar Jackson over Joe Flacco in the playoff loss to the Chargers (Tommy Gilligan/USA TODAY Sports)

Welcome to hell. That’s what every Ravens fan was thinking Sunday when Baltimore lost to the Chargers in the Wildcard playoff round. The Ravens have won 6 of 7 heading into the playoffs with smoke and mirrors from a quarterback that can’t throw. After beating the Chargers just two weeks ago, it was clear within the first minute of the game that LA figured out how to stop this gimmick offense. Despite falling behind the Chargers 12-0 at half, with a quarterback that can’t throw, John Harbaugh died on his shield and refused to pull Jackson.

“In the end — talk about the fourth quarter — Lamar played really well in two-minute,” Harbaugh said. “I don’t think Joe would have played any better in two-minute. You have to say, based on that part of it [and] at that point in time in the game, it was the right decision.”

Wrong. Just wrong. There was a point in the third quarter where Baltimore had negative passing yards. Not going to Joe Flacco was just a psycho move that cost Baltimore the game. The Chargers figured out the gimmick offense. I saw the adjustment within the first minutes of the game. Here’s proof. I was calling for Flacco from the beginning.

Jackson did eventually score but it all came during junk time in the fourth quarter. He also fumbled three times and threw an interception to put the game out of reach. Baltimore went 7 straight drives without a damn completion. Before the fourth quarter, Baltimore had 3 first downs. You can argue about all of the young quarterbacks whether you like them or not but with Jackson, it’s not even debatable. How are you supposed to win important playoff games with a guy that can’t throw?

“Lamar is our quarterback going forward — no question about that,” Harbaugh said. “Joe Flacco is going to play really well in this league. Joe can still play, and I think we saw that, first half of the season. Joe is going to have a market. A lot of teams are going to want Joe. I’ll be in Joe’s corner, wherever he’s at, unless we play him.”

Every Ravens fan knows the deal with Flacco. He’s Cutler 2.0. The second you paid him, he stopped caring and put forth zero effort. However, Flacco has always shown up when it counts. You just have to get him in the dance and he will perform. Baltimore couldn’t move the ball while their defense was playing their ass off and left a Super Bowl champion and MVP on the sidelines? How do you defend that move?

Lamar Jackson is the future? In what world? Do you not have eyes John Harbaugh? Running quarterbacks are not sustainable. Never will be. Never have been. Once The Chargers had time to prepare for him, it was over. It’s only a matter of time until Jackson is on the sidelines with RG3 because anyone with a brain knows he can’t play. Sorry, I should have said he can’t throw. The future? The Ravens are totally irrelevant and screwed until they draft another quarterback. See you in five years.