Warriors offseason needs
Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

Ever since Steph Curry broke his hand this season, this was kind of coming. Klay Thompson was still out, I knew Draymond Green wasn’t going to hold that team up. Now, that the NBA is finally back, some teams are already done for the year. With the Warriors having the worst record in the NBA, they are first up for our offseason needs posts on teams already knocked out. This is your official post for the Golden State Warriors offseason needs.

Trade Draymond Green

I probably should have warned you that this was going to get crazy, but too late. Yes, the Warriors need to trade Draymond Green for 3 reasons. 1. He’s not what he once was. 2. His contract sucks ass cheeks. 3. Why keep him? I’m not sure how many people realize this but, the Warriors have no cap space this summer. That’s not saying they’re missing out on some can’t miss players, but I would like to see that money spent elsewhere rather than on Draymond Green. He’s getting paid 25 million a year, you could get 2 or 3 players that could do the same production as Draymond for way less.

Yes, for a long time, Draymond Green was the defensive anchor for the Warriors, that was also 5 years ago. He’s not the same, and he has slowly declined for a while now. If Draymond was so good, the Warriors wouldn’t have had the worst record in the NBA. Despite the lack of their two best players on the roster, Green’s PPG only increased by .6 to 8 PPG and all of his assists, rebounds, and blocks numbers dipped. Face it, if he wasn’t going to have better numbers then, he sure isn’t over the next 3 years. Be smart and trade him. This will allow for the Warriors to add some much-needed depth for a bench.

Draft A Big

You could trade Draymond and attach their really high draft pick for a blockbuster trade, or you can draft a big that will help the Warriors. If the Warriors go this route and draft a big, their lineup would look like: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, and the draft pick. Even though I just shit on Draymond for most of this article so far, that is still a solid lineup. They have enough guards and wings to be fine there, but the lack of a solid 5 or just big depth is taking its toll. Drafting one, and one of the best at that could really work wonders for the Warriors.

That’s really the only advice I can give the Warriors at this time. They have no cap space, but they do have a nice draft pick in a very weak draft. Unless they trade Draymond, there’s not a whole lot I can say about the Warriors offseason needs. If you think the Warriors should trade Andrew Wiggins, I will tell you that Wiggins is a much better fit as the 3rd scoring option than Green, and will make more of an impact. Wiggins will be better for the Warriors than Draymond. If the Warriors trade Draymond, they have a chance to be so much better and be back to their winning ways.