Terrence Ross
David Zalubowski/Associated Press

The NBA is back and that means we’re getting some NBA coverage back! More so, I’m just happy some sports are slowly coming back and I can be sane again. For the Orlando Magic, that means they have to get ready for the playoffs and be prepared to most likely facing the #1 seed Milwaukee Bucks. Do I think the Magic have a shot in hell with keeping up with the Bucks? Hell no. But still, if the Magic are going to have any success, Terrence Ross needs to be on his “A” game.

I haven’t really explained the whole X factor thing. The X factor is not the best player on the team, it might not even be one of the biggest named players on the team. It is the player that they will need to step up the most and arise to the challenge. This is the first of the 22 official teams that are coming back.

Terrence Ross needs to be the guy that steps up for the Magic. The Magic don’t have a bad squad, I just wouldn’t say they’re great. It’s just eh as far as playoff teams go. Aaron Gordon is still an athletic freak. Evan Fournier is the 2nd-leading scorer. Nikola Vucevic dipped slightly in performance but is still one of the better centers. Jonathan Isaac is a stud, and there’s much more. But, Terrence Ross hasn’t started a single game for the Magic this year, yet he is the 3rd leading scorer on this squad. He comes off the bench to give the Magic’s second squad some solid production. Vucevic, Fournier, and Gordon are expected to be the Magic’s biggest performers. Jonathan Isaac is still too green to be the 4th guy, and the rest is filled with uncertainty.

Terrence Ross Impact

This is where Terrence Ross needs to step in. He needs to be the 4th guy for this Magic’s squad. Off the bench, he needs to come out firing, giving the other talent on this team some rest. He averages a solid 15 PPG, but we need a little bit more out of him if the Magic has any chance against the Bucks. He shoots 35% from 3 on about 7 attempts per game. That just isn’t going to cut it either. The Magic need scoring bad, that could be why they were interested in DeMar DeRozan earlier in the year. Can Terrence Ross be the scorer that the Magic desperately need? Maybe. Will, they beat the Bucks if he is? Not a chance.