Draymond Green
Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group

Draymond Green doesn’t deserve his contract, at all. He is immensely overpaid, and before Free Agency even started, I was saying the Warriors need to let him walk because he’s going to ask for much more than he actually deserves. For context, Draymond Green signed a 4-year, 100 million contracts over the offseason. That puts him at getting paid at a steep price of 25 million per year over the next 4 years. YIKES.

Draymond Green Stats

His career averages are 9.1 PPG on 43.9% shooting, 4.9 APG, 6.9 RPG, 1.4 SPG, and 1.1 BPG. Draymond Green has always been a jack of all trades type of player. To prove that, impressively enough, he’s the only player in NBA history to record a triple-double without the points. Yep, that means if he just scored 10 points he would have had a quadruple-double. There have been less than 10 quadruple-doubles in the history of the league! This, however, happened in 2017. Now, not to be misconstrued, I’m still saying that he doesn’t deserve his contract. In fact, the only time he deserved this type of contract is when his numbers were at a career-best in 2016. In 2016, he had 14 PPG on 49% shooting, 7.4 APG, 9.5 RPG, 1.5 SPG, and 1.4 BPG. This is by far his best year in the league and he was only getting paid 14 million at that time.

It’s just funny to me, usually, you don’t pay your 3rd option on the roster 25 million a year, it’s just not a common thing in the NBA. You can say “Well it’s Draymond! Cmon! They have to pay him!” Why? Cause he helped win a few championships as the 3rd, hell, even 4th option? “He’s the defensive anchor for the team!” Defensive anchor? Seriously? Have you checked defensive rankings for this year? The Warriors are the second-worst team defensively this year. He was the second or third option with Steph Curry and D’Angelo Russell this year with Klay Thompson out. Now Steph Curry is out with a broken hand and Draymond Green and DLo are the go-to options for the Warriors. Unfortunately, he’s just a better David West, actually think of Patrick Beverly in a PF/C form and that’s Draymond Green. No one is paying those guys 25 million a year though. This just seems like a desperation move by the Warriors to first, not lose everyone on their roster practically, and secondly, keep the seats filled in the new fancy arena. I didn’t like this extension when it happened and I definitely don’t like it now. He doesn’t deserve that contract. It’s just that simple.