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Vendetta Vibe Playlist: Gavin’s Day. August 2nd 2021

Vendetta Vibe Playlist
(Ariel Stull/Vendetta Sports Media)

Vendetta Vibe Playlist: Gavin’s Day. August 2nd 2021

The third edition of the Vendetta Vibe Playlist is here! Gavin makes up almost half of the playlist, but I believe you can endure it, especially since we have some great songs this week. As always, the playlist is available on Spotify and you should listen to last week’s edition!

Scott Logush: Five More Minutes – Scotty McCreery

Fun fact about this song, I actually used it for an assignment in music class during my sophomore year of high school. Throughout this song, Scotty McCreery goes over memories and experiences from his life. He presents the constant desire and wish that he could have had five more minutes, hence the name of the song, with each good time, memory, and person. There are a lot of times in my life where I wish that I had just five more minutes, but times goes on and the clock does not stop.

Aarva Raina: Hey Mama – Kanye West

Classic song, super catchy and sounds lighthearted at first but has a lot of deeper meaning to it when you listen closely. Lyrically, one of Kanye’s best songs in my opinion. And it always makes me realize how amazing my mother is and never to take her for granted.

Gavin Daly: Think About Things – Daði Freyr

If you’ve ever lived in Europe you’ll be aware of what exactly the Eurovision Song Contest is. Those people will understand when I say there aren’t very many reasons to watch it. In 2020 that was about to change with this Icelandic entry, but the coronavirus pandemic robbed us of that joy. The YouTube video for the official video and live versions are well worth checking out, if only for the dance major Trey level dancing.

Gavin Daly: The Riddle – Nik Kershaw

I’m an 80’s baby and in an age when MTV actually played music videos I was captivated with Nik Kershaw’s music and subsequently the unusual videos that accompanied them.

Gavin Daly: Swim – Jack’s Mannequin

It’s been a rough week but with lyrics like “You gotta swim, Swim for your life, Swim for the music, That saves you, When you’re not so sure you’ll survive” I can always rely on Andrew McMahon lyrics to help me through. Whether it’s Something Corporate, … In the Wilderness or the aforementioned Jack’s Mannequin there seems to be a song for every day. It was ‘Swim’ a lot this week.

Jarrod Prosser: Interloper – The Mark Of Cain

It’s metal time, kiddies. Interloper. Mark of Cain. Not much to say about this other than it’s just three blokes from Adelaide belting out a song that hits you like a Joe Frazier hook. I’m ready to take on the world after i listen to this tune. ‘I took you in, you turned me out. You sucked me in, i spat you out.’ This song is almost 30 years old and it still rocks.

Max Everett: Wow – Tion Wayne

So this one for me encapsulates why I love Tion Wayne’s sound. Each tune he drops a hard-hitting flow and instrumental, check out another song of his called Deluded (Feat. MIST) for yet another prime example of this.The bars are on point, relevant and brimming with sly references and it makes for a unique addition for any rap playlist.

So today was Gavin’s day, as he made up basically half of the playlist! Tune in next week for a special edition of the playlist!

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