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Vendetta Vibe Playlist: Sometimes Memories Make You. July 26th, 2021

Vendetta Vibe Playlist
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Vendetta Vibe Playlist: Sometimes You Make Memories… July 26th, 2021

It is time for week two of the Vendetta Vibe Playlist. Like last week’s playlist, this week was a variety bag of musical tastes. We have some country music, some rock and rap, and everything in between! This week is more of the same, a variety of music from people around the site, although some people still have no idea what to do for the entries… As always, the playlist is available on Spotify. Also, check out the previous week’s playlist!

Scott Logush: Memories – Jordan Rager

Sometimes you make memories, and sometimes memories make you. It is no secret that I am a fan of country music, including sad country music. This song details how one can form great memories in relationships but those memories can make one do stupid things, like drink too much or call them at inappropriate times. Then, one finds themselves sitting on the back porch, looking at an old “Miss You” text. This one hits a little close to home for me. #MakeCountryMusicSadAgain

Aarva Raina: Holiday – KSI

Literally a summer classic, awesome song to vibe to especially with a group of people

Courtney Plumer: WUSYANAME (ft.Youngboy Never Broke Again & Ty Dolla $ign) – Tyler, The Creator

It has a nice vibe to it that I like. Youngboy Never Broke Again being featured in the song made it different because who would’ve ever thought Tyler, The Creator and NBA Youngboy together. Since Tyler really uses Charlie Wilson a lot for vocals I thought it was nice that he used a new artist for vocals, Ty Dolla $ign really made the song.

Courtney Plumer: t h e . c l i m b . b a c k – J.Cole

J.Cole dropped this song way before he dropped his latest album. It’s been my favorite song off the album because the beat is unique and I really like the message in the song.

Courtney Plumer: Livin’ Life (feat. High I’m Ry) – Lute 

People are really sleeping on Lute and this album was really good. This song is a top 3 on the album. I listen to this song every time I’m in the car. The message in this song is slept on.

Eric Reynolds: HOT WIND BLOWS (feat. Lil Wayne) – Tyler, The Creator

So Eric sent me like 20 songs with no reason for any of the songs. Here’s one of them. Eric, please follow the instructions next time…

Gavin Daly: L.A. Afterlife – The Blue Stones

The Blue Stones just recently came into my life and I’m left wondering where have they been hiding. Then I remember they’re Canadian and it all makes sense. How about that!

That Canadian shot was unnecessary, moving on…

Gavin Daly: Revelate – The Frames

If you’ve seen the movie ‘once’ (recommended btw) then you know who Glen Hansard is. Before going solo he was the front man for Irish band The Frames and ‘Revelate’ was probably their biggest hit. Got to get some Irish representation in here some where.

Jackson Law: 4 Minutes – Madonna and Justin Timberlake

Recently watch Get Smart, a highly underrated movie based on what seems to be a forgotten show. I loved both and this song is at the end of the movie, so it’s been stuck in my head for over a week. Plus it’s just an absolute banger.

Jarrod Prosser: The Banker (Live) – Harry James Angus

Most would know Harry James Angus as the trumpeter/vocalist of seminal Australian ska act The Cat Empire, but he’s also a hell of a solo artist. His sweet, mournful song The Banker is a favourite of mine. It’s on my set list when I play gigs (or at least it used to be – fucking COVID!). Like most of his songs, it’s really clever lyrically. A story that starts out about a rich, successful financier quickly turns in to a tale of loneliness and pining for lost love. All accompanied by a lovely, deceptively simple acoustic guitar refrain.

Scott Logush: One of a Kind – NEFFEX

This song is always circulating throughout my playlist. It is a song that simply causes you to get hyped while listening to it. “I’m one of a kind man, no one like me.” That line just gets me into the zone and is a great listen, and without fail it gets me excited to get to work. Plus, I feel it describes the Vendetta culture well.

The difference in music tastes is something that makes the Vendetta Vibe Playlist fun to make! Enjoy the listen, and make sure to check out our other music content!

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