Chicago Bears
The Chicago Bears are building a pretty good team, but they’re doing this in spite of incredibly stupid decisions. It’s infuriating. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Chicago Bears Make Infuriating Roster Decisions

The Chicago Bears have actually made some good decisions lately. Their draft was absolutely fantastic, and they have put together a solid team, but some of their roster decisions are infuriating and make me want Ryan Pace gone.

Despite them not doing much, I liked the Bears’ 2021 NFL Draft decisions. Tevin Jenkins is a grown-ass man and the second-round pick was set to give the Bears a great offensive line, but the team just had to create a new hole instead of resting on their laurels.

The Chicago Bears released left tackle Charles Leno after the draft, forcing Jenkins to shift to left tackle and creating a question mark at right tackle. I am confident that Jenkins will be just fine at left tackle, but why did the Bears need to make that hole and make their season more difficult?

Then, there is the release of Kyle Fuller in the offseason. The timing of this release was just cruel and stupid. Any money that was available in an offseason where the salary cap fell had been used up, leaving Fuller no real opportunity. Players take notice of this type of stuff, and although reports have not yet surfaced, I have to believe that some anger exists over the decision to release Fuller.

In addition, cutting Fuller forces Jaylen Johnson to take over as the number one corner. Yes, he played well as a rookie, but throwing him to the wolves at number one is not a good idea, especially considering the lack of depth behind him. Desmond Trufant is serviceable, but the cornerback room is full of question marks outside him and Johnson. Keeping Fuller and making the money work elsewhere or cutting Jimmy Graham would have been better.

This does not even include the decision to trade up for Trubisky a few years ago. Overall, I like what the Bears are building, but the way the team shoots itself in the foot is infuriating.

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