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Tyler Herro Hype

(Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

The Tyler Herro Hype Was Crazy, Now It’s Just Hurting The Team

Tyler Herro Hype
The Tyler Herro Hype was insane and they should’ve traded him for James Harden. (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

The Tyler Herro hype train was at an all-time high in the NBA Bubble. So much so that the Miami Heat and their fans believed trading Herro for James Harden was too much. Still, feel that way Heat Nation? Last night, the Heat blew yet another double-digit fourth-quarter lead. This time to the undermanned Golden State Warriors.

The Herro Hype Has Officially Come Down To Earth.

Herro may not have been all to blame for the loss. However, he certainly was a contributing factor to the outcome. Herro finished the game with 11 points on 3-15 shooting. It does not matter that he grabbed 15 rebounds as well, he is a one or two guard that is not his job nor should that be looked at as a counter-argument.

Do not get me wrong, Herro is a nice role-player, but he is not going to be anywhere near the talent James Harden is. I guess those ‘Elephant Balls’ are so big he shouldn’t be traded for a former MVP still in his prime.

If I were a Heat fan, which I’m not, I would be livid that my team had the opportunity to trade Herro for Harden and did not pull the trigger. Harden is averaging 11.3 assists, which leads the league, 24.5 points per game, and has a Player Efficiency Rating (PER) of 24.26. For context, a PER of 24.26 as of right now ranks him 11th in the NBA just outside the top 10.

The Organization Is Praying Herro Becomes The Player They Expect Him To Be.

Nevertheless, The Heat organization and its fans did not want to give up Herro for Harden. How is that going for you? The Heat are sitting at 11-17 which works out to 11th in the Eastern Conference. As of today, the Heat would miss the play-in games. For the defending conference champions, that’s a very hard fall from grace.

The Heat play defense as well as anyone in the league. However, they struggle to score only averaging 106 points per game. Scoring that low in a league where the scoring is at an all-time high just will not get the job done. There’s no team in the NBA that can defend well enough to win games like that. Harden would have helped them tremendously on the offensive end. Alas, they chose to keep Herro and for his sake, the organization better pray he becomes the player they think he is capable of being.


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