Tyler Herro
Tyler Herro has put together a terrific rookie season with the Heat. John Calipari isn’t surprised saying that Herro has ‘elephant balls’. (Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

Many people (including myself) thought Jimmy Butler was crazy to sign with the Heat. Yes, they have a great culture, but he was going to a team that didn’t have any proven commodities. We know what happened this year. ALL OF THEIR YOUNG GUYS HIT. Tyler Herro has been a smashing success right away as a rookie.

John Calipari, Herro’s collegiate head coach, isn’t surprised that he’s playing well right away. Coach Cal says Herro has “elephant balls.”

Herro, 20, has been sensational for Miami. There’s no other way to put it. The former Kentucky product has shot close to 39% on three-pointers as a rookie. Herro just looks like he belongs. Herro has cashed in 13.5 points in 27.4 minutes of action during the regular season.

We should have known Herro was going to ball out. Does anybody else remember his outfit on draft day?

Tyler Herro
(Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

Check out the swag on this guy. The suit, chain, ring, and watch? If you’re going to make it in the NBA as a sharpshooter two-guard, that’s the look.

I still get nightmares from that coinflip tiebreaker on draft night. I know for a fact that the Celtics would have picked Herro. Instead, the Heat won the tiebreaker and picked Herro. The Celtics got stuck with deer in the headlights Romeo Langford. Why did the Kings win games somehow last year?

Oddly enough, the Celtics will play the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. A flip of the coin and Herro could have been a Celtic. Miami has exceeded expectations, and Herro has a hell of a lot to do with that.