Al Horford
Chris Mannix thinks the Celtics should bring back… Al Horford? WTF? Mannix needs to get his media credentials taken away for losing his mind. (Maddie Meyer/Getty)

Chris Mannix Thinks The Celtics Should Bring Back Al Horford

Supporting the Celtics is hard enough right now. The jackasses in the media make it so much worse than it has to be. Remember the same people that said the Celtics were better without Gordon Hayward? How does that take look right now? Chris Mannix came from the clouds with the WORST take I’ve ever seen.

Mannix thinks the Celtics should use their big trade exception to bring back… Al Horford? WTF!

“It’s no surprise to me that Al Horford goes to Oklahoma City, which has a history of putting players like Horford in good positions, and he has turned into something more resembling the Al Horford we saw for many years in Boston,” Mannix said Wednesday on NBC Sports Boston’s Early Edition.

“We know he fits in Brad Stevens’ system, he can play the 5, he can play a little bit of 4, he can shoot the 3 which he’s done a lot better this year than he did in Philadelphia. And let’s not forget the Celtics, they wanted Al Horford to come back. They just didn’t want to pay him four years, $100-plus million the Sixers were willing to offer. Now he’s got two-and-a-half years left on his contract, around $70ish million total on that deal. I would take him back in a heartbeat.

“I understand there were some raw dealings when Al Horford left. Not just that he left, but that he went to a chief rival in Philadelphia. But if you can let bygones be bygones, I think Al Horford could make a difference on this team.”

This is why I said on the last episode of That’s Some Cheese, it’s time for Trey to become full-blown hockey guy. The NBA sucks. Flopping and the media getting horny off player movement. It’s OUT OF CONTROL.

Let me get this straight. You want Horford back? K…

This is the same Horford who is on one of the worst contracts in the NBA. An ancient Horford who can barely get up and down the floor. The same Horford who will earn more than $26 million two years from now. The same Horford that Philadelphia was willing to part with a first round pick just to get rid of him.

What are we doing here? Is this how stupid the media has become? We get so turned on by player movement that your solution is to acquire one of the worst contracts in the league because that’s somehow a solution.

Horford got traded to the rebuilding Thunder for a reason. He has NEGATIVE value. NEGATIVE. Horford at this stage of his career is an old big spot up shooter. That’s it. He can barely jump or run anymore. He’s also candyass soft and still flinches at every turn.

Furthermore, the Celtics can’t even trade for Horford if they wanted to. Boston cannot exceed the luxury tax because they signed Tristan Thompson for the tax mid-level. In order to even trade for Horford, the Celtics would have to send out about $7 million in salary. So what you want to send out a Robert Williams per say in order to land washed Horford? SHUT THE FUCK UP, DUDE.

Look I get it. People care about Chris Mannix because he was a ball boy for the Celtics as a kid so he was able to get his foot in the door at a young age. That’s the only reason people care about his opinion. I think Mannix did a good job hosting the Yahoo stuff with Woj back in the day. Still, this is as ridiculous as it gets.

Let’s all be hockey guys. The NBA is turning to hell.