Adam Schefter
Did Adam Schefter lie about the Browns coaching search? (ESPN)

Clickbait Shefty? #ESPNLIES is at it again. Strap up guys, we now have a battle going on between Adam Schefter and the Cleveland Browns. The most dysfunctional sports team in the history of mankind is calling Adam Schefter a lier. Schefter reported this morning that Cleveland was interested in interviewing Condoleezza Rice for their vacated head coaching job. Cleveland fired Hue Jackson earlier this season and Rice apparently is a candidate… according to Schefter anyway.

General Manager John Dorsey gave a statement regarding the report on Condoleezza Rice:

Who should we believe? The overpowered gum chewer, John Dorsey or clickbait Schefty? All I know is whoever is responsible needs to apologize to Mike Francesa. The poor guy is going to have a heart attack.

He’s not wrong. This whole thing is a joke. It’s truly so stupid you can’t make it up. I explained my thoughts on Schefter’s report where you can see here. I’m not going to get into it any further. What I do want to focus on this time is Schefter. Slowly but surely, Shefter is dying from the disease that is ESPN’s culture. He is becoming a joke. Even though the Browns are an absolute mess, I’m starting to think clickbait Schefter did make this report up.

This is what Schefter posted when the Giants traded Eli Apple. He wanted people to get worked up thinking the Giants traded Eli Manning. I’m sure he thought this was funny but it’s really not. Total clown show.

Adam Schefter has to be on everyone’s shit list. The fact that he isn’t defending his post after the Browns denied it is a bold strategy. If Schefter did fabricate this story then he needs to be fired or suspended. We deserve better. We are all team Rapoport until this story gets resolved.

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