Tre'Quan Smith
Is a Tre’Quan Smith breakout season incoming? The stars could be aligning for Smith to have a big fantasy season out of nowhere. (Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

Is Tre’Quan Smith A Breakout Fantasy Star Waiting To Happen?

Circumstances matter. Situations matter. Thus far Tre’Quan Smith has been a huge disappointment since being drafted in the third round of the 2018 NFL Draft out of Central Florida. Smith is heading into a contract year and year four in the NFL. So far, he’s basically been an average wide receiver.

The stars are aligning for Smith for a number of different reasons:

A: Jameis Winston is now the quarterback:

Say what you want about Jameis. The guy is a great fantasy quarterback. The turnovers don’t hurt the wide receivers and the deep shots down the field help them. Winston’s presence should give a boost to all the receivers on the roster. Drew Brees was a dead duck all year last season.

B: Michael Thomas is hurt:

I don’t know what’s really going on here but Thomas is down for the count again. It’s already been reported Thomas is missing the start of the season. You know how these things go. If Thomas is already out for a chunk of the season, good chance this thing lingers or maybe even causes him to miss the year. Given the news, do you even trust Thomas based on what happened last year?

Reliable fantasy quarterback, increased target share, and good overall roster – coaching staff? If Tre’Quan Smith fails in 2021, then he just sucks. This man is being given a golden ticket to paradise. The silver platter has been dropped right on his lap.

There’s basically no competition here. People forget that Emmanuel Sanders isn’t even on the roster anymore. Look at some of these names on the depth chart. You’re looking at Marquez Callaway (who I actually kinda like), Deonte Harris, Juwan Johnson, Lil’Jordan Humphrey, Jalen McClesky, Jake Lampman, Easop Winston Jr, and Kawaan Baker. Those are all made-up names. Straight from a cartoon book of characters that don’t exist.

It’s now or never. Tre’Quan Smith go win the job. Go ball out. I’m not sure there is another average wide receiver that has been gift wrapped a better opportunity than the one the Saints are handing out right now.


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