Jameis Winston
Jameis Winston has massive fantasy potential in New Orleans and you can essentially have him for free. Why aren’t more fantasy owners in on this? (Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports)

Jameis Winston Has Massive Fantasy Potential In New Orleans

Jameis Winston has found himself to be the butt of the joke more often than not. We can agree or disagree on Winston’s actual on field ability. Fantasy wise? There is no debate. The crab leg smuggler is an ELITE fantasy quarterback. Sadly, he’s not being treated like one now that he’s in New Orleans. Jump on the band wagon now because Jameis Winston has MASSIVE fantasy potential with the Saints.

Since being drafted in 2015, Jameis has been a tale of two guys fantasy wise. Early on? Not great. Lately? Oh… YA. This isn’t about the turnovers. This is about winning your fantasy league. Jameis has done just that for people in his final season as the Bucs starter.

Here are his fantasy finishes since the former Florida State signal caller entered the league.

2015: 16th

2016: 16th

2017: 22nd

2018: 22nd

2019: 3rd

For those who have been paying attention, Winston is a great fantasy quarterback. He takes shots, takes more shots to catch up from his prior mistake, then adds a few more just for fun. If Winston is the full time starter, I can guarantee he finishes higher than QB27 which is where fantasy pros has him currently ranked.

Winston has never finished that low in his career. Plus, it sounds like we’re getting a more mature Jameis now. He’s being coached by Sean Payton, has a number one WR with Michael Thomas, and a weapon that can create on his own with Alvin Kamara. The defense is far from elite. Even dead arm Drew Brees finished 21st in fantasy points last year playing 12 games and not being able to throw the ball more than five yards. What do you think Winston is going to do in this offense?

What’s the concern here, Taysom Hill? Does anybody know what Sean Payton is doing there? Is it a concern? Maybe? Does the risk outweigh the reward? Hell, yeah. There’s a realm of possibility that Winston is a top 5-10 fantasy quarterback. You can essentially have Jameis for free.

I think there’s a chance we see a really good version of Jameis. Sean Payton is clever. Shit, the man even got his vision fixed. There’s a chance Jameis is just outright good fantasy or not.

You don’t have to like him. You just have to like the fantasy version of Jameis Winston because the upside is undeniable. Regardless, he should outperform the draft value by a wide margin.