Marvin Jones Jr

Can Marvin Jones Jr Be Fantasy Relevant In 2021?

After “tanking for Trevor” and making some nice free-agent additions, the Jaguars seem to be putting an end to all the losses the have racked up the past couple of seasons. One key addition was adding former Lions WR Marvin Jones Jr. Last year, some called him a sleeper and he proved his supporters right. But let’s face it. The real reason he burst out last year was because Kenny Golladay (who signed with the Giants this offseason) was injured for most of the season. However, this year, that won’t be the case.

This offseason Jones Jr signed a two-year deal with the Jaguars, stabilizing a relatively bad pass-catching roster. One aspect of the poor pass-catching roster that favors Jones Jr is the lack of a solid TE. Let’s be honest: have you even heard of Chris Manhertz before? I’ll do you one better, what about Luke Farrell? Exactly. This lack of a solid TE narrows down who Lawrence can throw the ball to, setting up Jones Jr to get a lot of volume.

But he will have competition for the lead role, as DJ Chark isn’t going anywhere. Anyway, he and DJ Chark should be the primary targets within the offense, and they will be especially dangerous with Trevor Lawrence at QB. Let’s not forget his 2020 season. Even when Golladay was injured, Jones Jr still proved he can be a valuable fantasy asset. Still, the Jaguars offense also has a lot of question marks and uncertainty, restricting Jones Jr’s ceiling at least for now.

So while it might be tempting to take a stab and draft Jones Jr, I’d say pump the breaks. It’s still uncertain how the Jaguars will fare in Urban Meyer’s first year in the NFL. The rookies are unproven. The TEs are practically unknown. While Jones Jr is likely going to be a borderline flex in fantasy 2021, he is definitely a pass for me.

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