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Giant head coach candidates
via David Eulitt/Getty Images

Who Are the Giant Head Coach Candidates In 2022?

Giant head coach candidates
via David Eulitt/Getty Images

Who Are the Giant Head Coach Candidates in 2022?

It is an overwhelming understatement to say that the New York Giants have been struggling at the position of head coach for the past few years, but who should be the Giant head coach candidates in 2022? Remember when Giants fans were proud of the organization? Yeah I know, seems like an awfully long time ago. Since Tom Coughlin left the Giants in 2015, there has been a slew of, let’s put it gently, horrible head coaches. With the hire of new general manager Joe Schoen, there is a chance for the tides to change. There is a strong list of candidates that could be a good match for the Giants. Here are the top four potential head coaches the Giants should consider.

First up we have Leslie Frazier. Frazier has an extensive coaching background and has spent the last five years as the defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills. We can all say that the performance of the Bills speaks for itself, minus a few glitches here and there. Frazier has proven to be a formidable defensive mind in the NFL. Maybe, just maybe, he can boost the NYG defense just enough to keep them in these close games. For example, the week two lose to Washington, week three lose to Atlanta, and week eight lose to Kansas City could maybe be avoided.

Next, we have Lou Anarumo. Now, this is intriguing, Anarumo has previous ties to the Giants. Anarumo served as the defensive backs coach for the Giants in 2018. As we know, bringing back former coaches does not always work well (Jason Garrett), but it is definitely a gamble that could pay off. I would hate to see a re-hire crash and burn, and it doesn’t seem like Anarumo is on that trajectory. With his experience, we know that he is a viable option for a potential head coach.

Another Candidate that is in the running for the head coach position is Brian Flores. Before the arrival of Flores, the Dolphins had seen little success. In the past three seasons with Flores behind the wheel, the Dolphins have gone 24-25. After their first eight games of 2021, Flores led the team on a seven game win streak, including some impressive wins over both the Ravens and the Saints. With Flores leading the charge, he has shown promise in his head coaching ability.

Lastly, we have Brian Daboll. Currently, Daboll is the Bills offensive coordinator. Interestingly enough, he is one of the only offensive minds in the running for the Giants head coach position. With the Bills, Daboll has produced an offense that is ranked number two this season. As we know, the Bills have an extremely formidable offense that strikes fear into opposing teams. The position of head coach for the New York Giants is yet to be decided, however, do not be shocked if one of these men secures the job.


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