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Jordyn Woodruff Alex Bennett
(Jordyn Woodruff YouTube Channel)

Dave Portnoy Tells Alex Bennett And Jordyn Woodruff To “Shut Up”

Jordyn Woodruff Alex Bennett
The Barstool mean girls are causing trouble so Dave Portnoy stepped in to tell them to shut up. Are either in danger of being fired? (Jordyn Woodruff YouTube Channel)

Dave Portnoy Tells Alex Bennett And Jordyn Woodruff To “Shut Up”

The Barstool mean girls are running wild. Alex Bennett and Jordyn Woodruff are running around, blocking people, and making terrible decisions while drunk. Dave Portnoy had to finally step in. Portnoy told Bennett and Woodruff to shut up because he is beyond annoyed.

Truthfully, I barely know what’s going on. This has a very much WWE feel to it. Fabricated nonsense to try to create some buzz. However, the cliff notes can be summed up as this.

Bennett and Woodruff put out a video that Portnoy wanted them to take down. Portnoy then said they could put the video out but it probably wasn’t a good idea. Bennett also caused drama with Brandon Walker and his sister. She’s also been on Twitter blocking people and Portnoy blocked her herself.

The video Portnoy clarifies two things:

Yes, there is a double standard. If Bennett and Woodruff were pulling in Alex Cooper level views, Portnoy would absolutely have a double standard when it came to that duo too. They could do whatever they wanted in reality.

Portnoy also makes sure to note that Bennett and Woodruff haven’t put their time in yet to earn blind loyalty. Bennett and Woodruff have been there for a cup of coffee. Are they allowed to be Barstool historians when they haven’t even been there for a year?

Who knows what’s next for Alex Bennett and Jordyn Woodruff? Will this slow the Barstool mean girls down or will they continue to go on a bigger rampage?



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