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Kevin Clark Is A Loser

Kevin Clark

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Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark is a loser. I’m tired of the laziness in the sports industry by loser journalists that don’t have any sense of reality. We all deserve better from the sports world. (The Ringer Author Picture)

Kevin Clark Is A Loser

*Bare with my opening monologue before I get to the main point*

I don’t think it’s a secret by now that I hate the way the modern sports industry is run. It’s why I created this company because I have a personal vendetta against everyone. The current sports industry standard is bullshit which is why I choose to refer to myself as blue-collar journalism.

Every single person in the sports industry tries to spin you their narrative to try to appear clever or interesting. I just tell it how it is in all aspects of life.

Recently, I was talking to my friend (who likes sports but also not really) and I referenced the fact that there are nine current NFL head coaching openings around the league.

He said: “Imagine how many people around the world are applying for those jobs”

Of course, it doesn’t really work like that. NFL teams tell you that you’re a candidate. Not the other way around.

He said: “No wonder why the same teams suck all the time. The hiring pool they have is so small”.

Bingo. The way professional teams operate is hilarious. If they’re not up to par, how do we expect the media to be any better?

The hiring pool for these big media companies either consists of Mike Sandbag who went to Syracuse but writes like a loser that nobody wants to listen to or former washed up athlete that really doesn’t get it. Remember, LeBron thought it was a good idea to trade for Westbrook. A lot of athletes are really clueless about personnel stuff.

I don’t want any of those people. I want people like Emma Brown that aren’t afraid to tell me to fuck off. I want people like Gavin that likes to make fun of me in a unique way. I want people like the Chickster who runs his mouth like he has a duty to society to talk as much shit as humanly possible. Those are real people. Those are interesting people. We have many more but you get the point.

Enter Kevin Clark who fits the mold of nerd who for whatever reason has been deemed important in the NFL media. Recently, Clark went on Colin Cowherd’s show on FS1 and had this to say about the Packers playoff loss to the 49ers.

“The fact (the Packers) went out so quietly to me was kind of disturbing”.

Hey, Kevin. Maybe next time grab an extra coffee and blueberry scone. Can you pack it in anymore? Surprised he didn’t come up with “The Packers committed treason against the state of Wisconsin” instead!

The problem with Kevin is the same problem with every sports journalist like him. He doesn’t understand what real life is. He goes to work, prays that someone finds his rhetoric interesting, and then fantasies about the green M&M lady from the commercial cause his real lady friend is just over him. How could you not be if you were her?




The way teachers are being treated in this current environment is disturbing. School shootings are disturbing. Drunk driving is disturbing. Kevin’s initial thought to describe the Packers as disturbing is also disturbing.

I’m not a Packers fan. Won’t pretend to be. In fact, I’m a Ravens fan that hates his own team. I’m never biased. I actively root against the Ravens because I believe this current iteration of themself is dysfunctional and I never root for dysfunction.

To insinuate the Packers performance conjures up a thought of disturbing once again provides examples 4,293 reason why the sports industry needs a reality check.

I’m just tired of this bullshit.

A: The Packers didn’t go down quietly. They won 13 games and were the one seed in the NFC. I’m not going to pretend the Bucs somehow had a more impressive postseason because they were a lower seed and had to kick the snot out of the Eagles instead of getting a bye. Everyone knows Green Bay would have kicked the snot out of Philadelphia too. I’m not going to punish the Packers for winning more games and getting a bye because logically that wouldn’t make any sense.

B: The 49ers are really good. Did we ever consider that?

The 49ers have a real defense. They have two aircraft carriers with Nick Bosa and Fred Warner. DeMeco Ryans is establishing himself as a real head coaching candidate. Kyle Shanahan is brilliant. Jimmy Garoppolo has already been to a Super Bowl and probably should have won it. George Kittle is the first or second best tight end in the league. I’ll say the same about Trent Williams at left tackle. Deebo Samuel is his own separate form of monster.

Do I need to keep going?

You know what, I think I do just to further hammer home the point that Kevin Clark is a fucking loser.

The Los Angeles Rams are in the NFC title game. To get to the NFC title game, they literally had to kill Tom Brady who refuses to die and always come with his own form of black magic. The Rams lost four fumbles and were somehow short on a semi chip shot field goal. They still somehow won the game, they’re that talented.

That Rams team has lost to the 49ers SIX TIMES IN A ROW. SIX. Haven’t beaten them since 2018 when Nick Mullins and CJ Beathard were a thing. So because the Packers lost to the 49ers by a last second field goal in snowy weather after beating them by two points earlier in the season, that should be deemed as “disturbing”.

I’m not mad at Kevin Clark. I’m disappointed that this is deemed as acceptable or industry standard in the sports media realm. Have an extra donut, Kevin. Hit the snooze button. I’m sure you can come up with a better take tomorrow. Maybe next time accuse Josh Allen of terrorism to the city of Buffalo because he called heads during the overtime coin toss.

C: The ratings for all of these games were through the roof. If the Packers laid some sort of proverbial egg, nobody would have watched the game. The reality is we got four AMAZING games and once again reminded us why football is king.

We all gotta be better. Learn from Kevin’s mistake. Have some self pride. Go to the gym more. Be nicer to people that deserve it. Eat better. People dream of being on TV and we have people like Kevin Clark go on TV and say the Packers disturb him because they lost by a last second field goal in a snowy weather game where they also had a punt blocked. If the game is played five minutes earlier, maybe they win the game because infinite possibilities exist when the margin of error is that slim.

I don’t want anything from Kevin. It’s just about damn time somebody says something because the industry standard we have right now is nonsense. It’s the only place that prominent networks encourage offensive rhetoric.

K. I’m done. I don’t want anything from Kevin. Just for him and everyone else to have more pride in his work is all.

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