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What are the top 5 teams you should start a franchise mode with in NFL Head Coach 09? Check out the list of teams to best start with. (EA Sports)

NFL Head Coach 09: Top 5 Teams To Start Franchise Mode With

In case you missed it, I’m a streamer now. I just started a series with the Ravens in NFL Head Coach 09. Otherwise known as the best video game ever created. Not going to lie, I would do some really messed up shit to bring back NFL Head Coach on a yearly basis. This is a nostalgic game for myself, but it got me thinking. For those that want to pick up the game and give it a spin, who are the top 5 teams you should start your franchise mode with?

I want to mention this note too. Whatever team you pick, you delete that coach from the career mode forever. The teams I’m picking are strategic because you don’t want to lose a guy like Andy Reid or Jon Gruden. The only exception is the Patriots because Bill Belichick refuses to provide his likeness in the game.

5: Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are a good starting point because 2008 was the year they hired Mike Smith and drafted Matt Ryan. You have to decide if Ryan is the guy you want to draft in 2008. Young Roddy White makes things interesting. The truth of the matter is, this team stinks so there’s a ton of work to do here which makes things fun.

4: San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are a really challenging one on paper. Plus Mike Nolan was fired in real life midseason so you shouldn’t feel bad about erasing him from the server. Dog shit Alex Smith is the quarterback. They don’t have a high draft pick in the first season. There are some awesome defensive pieces on this team but for the most part, it’s all bad. Can you resurrect Vernon Davis?

3: Miami Dolphins

Year one of the Tony Sporano era. The Dolphins suck in 2008 BUT… they have a shit ton of cap space and own the first overall draft pick. The Dolphins are a great team to use because it’s a clean slate. You’re starting over. Good luck.

2: Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are honestly an excellent choice. Not only are they terrible but Al Davis was handing out bad contracts left and right. You’re stuck with a bad roster and no cap flexibility. YAY! JaMarcus Russell is locked in as the starting quarterback for big money. You also have the 4th pick in the draft making things interesting. The only good player on the roster (Nnamdi Asomugha) is also a free agent right out of the gates. This is BY FAR the biggest challenge in the game.

1: Baltimore Ravens

This is the team right here. The bar is first year championship. It’s a culmination of a perfect storm too. You have the OG DUDES on the roster including Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, and Chris McAlister. This is also the year the Ravens drafted Joe Flacco too. You also have the 8th pick in the draft and Ozzie Newsome allows you to scout virtually everyone. If you want to build a team that turns into a dynasty, this is the one.

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