Tom Brady
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers were on the wrong end of an ass-kicking Sunday. Tyreek Hill absolutely torched the Bucs defense and basically won the game by himself. The Bucs made a fourth-quarter comeback that fell just short.

Tom Brady Is Not Looking Too Great Against Good Teams.

Brady continues to look bad against good teams in the NFL. With all the weapons he has there is truly no excuse for that. Back-to-back losses have the Bucs at 7-5 and fighting for their playoff lives. Head coach, Bruce Arians, continues to call out Brady in the media. At this point, it’s rightfully deserved.

Over the last two games, Brady has a touchdown to interception ratio of 5:4. That’s decent however with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, and Rob Gronkowski he should be doing far better. Especially against better opponents. Look back to week nine when the Bucs were embarrassed by the Saints. Brady had three picks and no touchdowns and was basically taken out of the division race. The Bucs cannot beat good teams.

Brady and the Bucs Really Needed This Bye Week.

The Chiefs defense, which is not very good, stifled the Bucs offense for most of the game. Playing against Pat Mahomes you never want to be behind early and that’s exactly what happened. Brady had to play from behind and couldn’t put together any good drive until the fourth quarter.

This Bucs team is heading for disaster with many good NFC teams right there with them in terms of the standings. They must win games and win them quickly. Brady and the Bucs get a much-needed bye week to recover from Hill having 200 yards and two touchdowns in the first quarter.

The Bucs need to pull it together if they want to win the Super Bowl. It goes to show you the NFL is not the NBA you cannot just assemble super teams in a matter of a season. It does not happen it doesn’t work that way. I hope this season shows to all of these “analysts” that just because you have all the weapons doesn’t mean the team will win. The Bucs are frauds and will be exposed to the world soon enough.