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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Won’t Make The Super Bowl:

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have certainly turned things around with the arrival of Tom Brady, that much is undeniable. Yet this doesn’t change the fact that they won’t even make it to the Super Bowl. Hell, they aren’t even the best team in their own division! Outside of the Green Bay Packers, who the hell have the Buccaneers actually beat? People gave the Pittsburgh Steelers crap for the quality of the teams they beat, let’s give the NFL poster boy Tom Brady the same treatment.

Inferior Competition

The combined records of the teams the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have beat is 21-29. For those of you that are mentally challenged, that’s below .500. Any team that plays in an actual division, not the cupcake known as the NFC East, has no shot of making the playoffs when under .500 in the NFL. The only team that is widely accepted as a playoff and potential Super Bowl contender are the Green Bay Packers. Even though the Buccaneers blew them out, let’s be real here, random upsets happen. Hell the Oakland Raiders beat the Kansas City Chiefs in a shootout, wacky crap happens in the NFL.

The Losses Are BAD

The games that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have lost aren’t even “good losses” either, they’re just terrible. The Week 1 loss to the New Orleans Saints was terrible, after a solid first drive the Buccaneers turned to crap, and got outscored 34-16. The Chicago Bears game is just laughable. Tom Brady forgetting what down it was is just unacceptable and inexcusable. Finally, the inspiration for this post was the shellacking that occurred on Sunday Night Football. That game was just a nightmare, a 38-3 beatdown against the true contender in the NFC South, the New Orleans Saints. If that game didn’t prove to you that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t a legit Super Bowl team, I have no idea what the hell will.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won’t make the Super Bowl. Tom Brady won’t make history, he’ll be lucky if he wins his own division. I respect him for his career, but his team won’t be in the spot light this year.

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