Todd Gurley
Todd Gurley is failing but fantasy owners don’t care. Despite underwhelming performances, Gurley has been a very productive fantasy RB. (Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports)

Todd Gurley Is Failing But Remaining Fantasy Relevant

Fantasy vs. NFL success are two different things. There may be no better example in 2020 than Falcons running back Todd Gurley. Atlanta’s starting running back is pretty much failing in every aspect… except the part where he’s making fantasy owners very happy.

On 167 carries, Gurley has 610 rushing yards. That’s a 3.7 yard per carry clip. Not exactly ideal. He’s also provided almost nothing in the passing game. 16 receptions for 82 yards is basically nothing. Gurley isn’t making anybody miss either with one of the worst broken tackle rates in the NFL.

Fantasy owners don’t care, Gurley has delivered. Mostly because he keeps falling into the end zone. Ten games in and the former first round pick from Georgia has nine touchdowns. The Falcons trust Gurley once they get inside the 20-yard line.

The former Rams standout has 43 red-zone carries which are the second-most of any running back. Gurley has managed to fall into the end zone nine times which has essentially saved all fantasy value. In non-PPR leagues, Gurley ranks as the 9th highest scoring RB in fantasy. Who saw that coming?

Coming into the year, Gurley was drafted as a discount given the fact that the Rams cut him. Most of us kinda knew his knees were shot too. Then again, WHO CARES? If Gurley keeps falling into the end zone, he remains more than fantasy relevant.

None of it really makes sense. The Falcons have underwhelmed, Dirk Koetter historically isn’t kind to running backs, and Dan Quinn was fired midseason. You can’t stop Gurley from falling into the end zone.