Falcons New Uniforms

The Falcons New Uniforms Suck

Alright, people, I don’t know what they are smoking down there in Atlanta but whatever it is I’m sure Chad Bauman will take a hit. That dude loves to party, must be the little foot. The Falcons just released their new uniforms for the upcoming season and if they don’t just scream 8-8 season I don’t know what does. Like what were they actually thinking? The old uniforms were fine, there was zero need to change them in my opinion. However, if you are going to change them, at least go big! All they did was slap a big ATL on the chest!

If they really wanted to make a statement, they should have done something completely unexpected. Like white helmets or maybe redesign the Falcon. These uniforms just completely don’t do it for me. Go back to the drawing board Atlanta, because these are almost as bad as the Bucs old uniforms from the Winston era. Don Chach out!