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Corbin Burnes blames pitch clock for recent pitcher injuries

Corbin Burnes
(Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports)

Corbin Burnes blames pitch clock for recent pitcher injuries

Add Corbin Burnes to the list of pitchers who have openly spoken out against the new pitch clock. Simply putting it, “I think we have a problem.”

Burnes went further into detail about the issues he has with the pitch clock and the role the MLB has played in it.

“MLB is going to tell you it’s not pitch clock-related. I would argue that long-term injuries are up the last two years, and the rate we are having injuries this year is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. There’s a problem. It has to be fixed.”

Via The Score

Burnes makes these comments after guys like Spencer Strider, Gerrit Cole, and Shane Bieber went on the IL with shoulder/elbow issues. This flurry of injuries immediately created tension between the MLB and the players union.

Both sides presented their evidence, with the MLB citing increased velocity and spin rates as the main contributors to the injuries.

We here at Vendetta are pretty split on the pitch clock. I am a big fan of it, and I think it has worked wonders for the MLB. Whereas others find it unnecessary and agree that it brings with it health concerns.

Again, I believe the Pitch Clock isn’t to blame, but it’s fair to consider it a factor. It’s not a big one, but I will admit it’s a factor. The fact of the matter is that these guys are simply throwing harder and putting more spin on the ball.

Not to mention, with the increased intensity of youth sports, these guys are also starting much younger and putting more wear on their arms. The truth is, there is a lot playing into these injuries. The human body isn’t really designed to throw a 95 MPH fastball.

So when guys get hurt doing it, thinking its because they couldn’t take a few more seconds just seems silly. Nobody wants to see injuries. But it’s just an unfortunate reality of the game.

The injuries will start to mellow out and this will all again be behind us. Just like it was when the pitch clock was first announced and fans started going crazy.

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