Todd Gurley
Todd Gurley is heading to the Falcons. Still, the question remains. Does Gurley actually have something left in the tank? (Harry How/Getty Images)

The Atlanta Falcons signed Todd Gurley to a one-year deal. After being released by the Rams, Gurley will still remain one of the highest paid running backs in the league. Most of Gurley’s deal was guaranteed with LA. Gurley lands another $6 million with the Falcons. What we don’t know is if Gurley can actually help Atlanta?

The good news is Gurley can’t be any worse than Devonte Freeman. The former Falcons starter was never good but he was especially bad in 2019. Freeman averaged 3.6 yards per carry a year ago. It was ugly watching him get the ball. Worst case scenario for the Falcons, Todd Gurley can’t be worse than Freeman.

There’s a chance Gurley’s move back to Georgia helps him. Gurley was a star coming out of Georgia for a reason. Gurley’s knees are totally shot. BUT… recent reports have come out that the Rams have questioned his work ethic after he got paid. A one-year deal back with the Falcons could be Gurley’s chance to change the narrative. Give him time to rest his knees and maybe the change of scenery helps.

I’m not sure going to Atlanta is an upgrade over LA. Sean McVay is the much better head coach. Neither has a strong offensive line. Teams will likely crowd the box less with Matt Ryan compared to Jared Goff. It’s probably a lateral move.

The Falcons made a commitment to Gurley. The problem is we have no idea if Gurley realistically has anything left. Gurley used to be one of the best running backs in the NFL. Those days look long over. It’s not like Atlanta has a capable backup option either. Gurley is important to the Falcons and it feels like the signing could go either way.