Matt Patricia
Jose Juarez/Associated Press

Matt Patricia has been horrible being the Lions head coach. After a 20-0 beatdown by an XFL quarterback and the Carolina Panthers. Patricia decided to ruin Lions’ fans Thanksgiving as well. The Lions got blown out by a subpar Texans team on Thanksgiving Day.

Matt Patricia Ruined Thanksgiving for Detriot.

Patricia’s team got the ball first and looked like they would at least put up a fight. Driving right down the field for an opening-drive touchdown. It looked as if the Lions came to play. However, that all changed when J.J. Watt got a pick-6. Once that happened the game was pretty much over.

The Lions’ defense looked so damn bad. Deshaun Watson had himself a day on this poorly coached defense. 318 yards through the air and four touchdowns had the Lions running for cover. Patricia also still thinks it’s 2012 with how much he gives Adrian Peterson the ball.

Then there was the trick play that made the Lions look so horrible. The Texans ran a delayed flea ficker more or less and boy were the Lions fooled. Will Fuller, the best receiver on the Texans, was wide open the closest defender was about 30 yards away from him and made for an easy touchdown.

Stafford Doesn’t Even Want to Defend Patricia Anymore.

As if things couldn’t get worse for Patricia. Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was asked if Patricia should remain in place. However, Stafford’s response was not one of support.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio covered the press conference.

It’s not my decision, That’s for somebody else. If you want to ask me about the game, you ask me about the game, you ask me about the game.

Matthew Stafford via Pro Football Talk

Those are not comments you want to hear in the Lions’ organization. Nevertheless, Patricia’s seat is getting hotter and hotter as the weeks go by. I’m surprised he’s made it this far, but it’s looking like the Lions will be searching for a new coach very soon.