N'Keal Harry Bust
It’s time to declare N’Keal Harry a bust. Bill Belichick can’t draft and Harry is another mistake in the long list of them. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

It’s Time To Declare N’Keal Harry A Bust

Bill Belichick stinks at drafting. He may be the greatest coach ever, but he can’t pick players to save his life. In a draft with Deebo Samuel, Marquise Brown, AJ Brown, Terry McLaurin, Diontae Johnson, and DK Metcalf, Belichick opted for N’Keal Harry in the first round.

It’s time to declare Harry a bust. We have all seen enough. The former first-round pick out of Arizona State is a bonafide scrub. Can we be surprised? There was nothing special about Harry at Arizona State.

The hype around Harry in college never made any sense. He was a contested-catch guy that never created separation. More often than not, he failed in those contested situations. Outside of a few broken tackle highlights in the garbage Pac 12, there was nothing to see.

Don’t ask me how Belichick fell in love. It will go down as one of the great mysteries. I’m convinced Belichick doesn’t watch the tape. He just called Herm Edwards and asked if he could play. Then he took his answer and ran with it.

Harry failed to emerge in the Patriots offense on a team with an aging Julian Edelman and nothing else. He couldn’t do it as a rookie with Tom Brady and hasn’t done it with Cam Newton in year two. In 13 career games, Harry has 31 receptions for 277 yards and three touchdowns.

I think the most alarming thing is that he’s not getting any better. There’s been zero progression. Mostly because his problems aren’t fixable, you can’t fix a 4.59 – 40 time or the fact that he’s stuck in the mud trying to get in and out of breaks. Harry doesn’t have the talent to emerge.

Harry doesn’t create any separation. It’s not an accident that Patriots quarterbacks have a passer rating of 71.4 when targeting him. The guy is just never open. That’s not a problem you just fix.

Harry is a lost cause at this point. He’s the type of guy you know four games in you’re not picking his fifth-year option up. When does Belichick hand GM duties over?