Stephan Silas
(Chuck Burton/Associated Press)

Stephan Silas has been hired as the Houston Rockets’ next head coach. However, was this the right move?

Stephan Silas is the New Man in Houston

Silas most recently served as Maverick’s assistant coach under Rick Carlisle. And he comes from an NBA family. Silas’ father, Paul, was a player and a coach. He had previously worked under his father in Charlotte.

Silas should fit well with a guard dominate team. Silas previously coached elite guards such as Luka Doncic, Steph Curry, and Kemba Walker. That experience will serve him as well with the Rockets.

Silas Needs some Veteran Help to Be Successful.

The Rockets need to build a veteran staff around Silas as this will be his first crack at being a head coach. However, one problem comes to mind; Russel Westbrook is nowhere close to the shooter or player that any of the other guys Silas coached. That will be interesting to see if he can make Westbrook into a guard you can win with.

This move also is the first hire for new general manager Rafael Stone. Stone is taking over for Daryl Morey, who left to join the 76ers. Silas must be the right guy for the job as the window in Houston is closing. James Harden isn’t getting any younger, and it’s been quite some time since they made it out of the second round of the playoffs.

I think Silas can be good for the Rockets, as he’s spent his whole life studying the game. He’s young and energetic, which should shock some life in this Rockets team. However, he needs a big man. Get this small ball plan out of here. That didn’t work, and Morey resigned because of that mistake.

However, this may mean Jeff Van Gundy won’t be coaching in the NBA again. Rumors had been heating up after Mike D’Antoni left that Van Gundy was indeed getting the job. Nevertheless, that never materialized. For now, Silas is the man in Houston, and he will get a chance to prove himself.