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2019 NFL Draft

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AFC East 2019 NFL Draft Grades: Everybody Wins

2019 NFL Draft
It’s time to hand out AFC East 2019 NFL Draft grades. It turns out that every team in the division did very well. Everybody wins! #2019NFLDraft (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The 2019 NFL Draft is over and now it’s time to grade each team’s performance. Starting in the AFC East, while the Patriots have ruled over the division for what seems like forever, the Bills, Jets, and Dolphins are at least making good decisions. Everybody wins! Let’s hand out draft grades! How did each team in the AFC East perform during the 2019 NFL Draft?

Buffalo Bills: Grade A-

  • Round 1, Pick 9 (No. 9 overall): Ed Oliver, DT, Houston
  • Round 2, Pick 6 (No. 38 overall): Cody Ford, G, Oklahoma
  • Round 3, Pick 10 (No. 74 overall): Devin Singletary, RB, FAU
  • Round 3, Pick 33 (No. 96 overall): Dawson Knox, TE, Ole Miss
  • Round 5, Pick 9 (No. 147 overall): Vosean Joseph, LB, Florida
  • Round 6, Pick 8 (No. 181 overall): Jaquan Johnson, S, Miami 
  • Round 7, Pick 11 (No. 225 overall): Darryl Johnson Jr., OLB, North Carolina A&T
  • Round 7, Pick 14 (No. 228 overall): Tommy Sweeney, TE, Boston College

How do you not love the Bills draft? To pick up Ed Oliver with the 9th pick in the Draft is a home run. I’m not saying he is Aaron Donald, but I am saying he’s the closest thing we have seen since Aaron Donald himself. Oliver is a guy that has hall of fame potential. That’s exactly what you’re looking for in the first round. Oliver is just a monster. The Bills got themselves a scary player at the front of their defense for years to come. Absolute home run.

I also like the Cody Ford pick. Buffalo is a team that went heavy offensive line in free agency. Adding Ford gives them another starter. It’s a great value pick too adding him at 38.

Additionally, I don’t love Devin Singletary, but the Bills did need another running back. Both LeSean McCoy and Frank Gore are getting long in the tooth. Buffalo also revitalizes the tight end room. Tommy Sweeney is a nice blocking tight end. Dawson Knox has a chance to be a weapon in the passing game. Vosean Joseph could contribute at linebacker. Same for Jaquan Johnson at safety. It’s become clear that Brandon Beane knows what he’s doing. Hell of a job, Buffalo.

Christian Wilkins
Christian Wilkins beefs up the Dolphins defensive line in a big way (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Miami Dolphins: Grade B+

  • Round 1, Pick 13 (No. 13 overall): Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson
  • Round 3, Pick 15 (No. 78 overall): Michael Deiter, G, Wisconsin
  • Round 5, Pick 13 (No. 151 overall): Andrew Van Ginkel, LB, Wisconsin
  • Round 6, Pick 30 (No. 202 overall): Isaiah Prince, T, Ohio State
  • Round 7, Pick 19 (No. 233 overall): Chandler Cox, RB, Auburn
  • Round 7, Pick 20 (No. 234 overall): Myles Gaskin, RB, Washington

It’s hard not to like what Miami did. Christian Wilkins is a home run. That’s a guy who is going to bust his ass and attack the quarterback. Wilkins was by far the best of a really deep Clemson defensive front. All I can say is that he’s a hell of a player and will get his fair share of quarterback hits. In a historic defensive line draft, the Dolphins made sure to get one. Very smart.

Then, Miami added Josh Rosen. They didn’t just add Josh Rosen. The Dolphins traded for Rosen and somehow didn’t give up virtually anything. Miami traded down in the second round with the Saints and picked up a 2020 2nd rounder. Then with pick 64, they ship it to Arizona for a quarterback that was taken 10th last year. Rosen has a chance to be Miami’s future and they didn’t give up anything to get him.

What else did Miami do? Oh, well add two offensive linemen. Both Michael Dieter and Isaiah Prince will get a chance to prove themselves. Rosen was beat up in Arizona. Miami wants to make sure they don’t make that same mistake. It’s become clear that Chris Grier is not Mike Tannenbaum. For the first time in a while, the Dolphins have a smart football guy running the show. If Brian Flores can change the losing culture, watch out for Miami. Nailing the draft is a good step in the right direction.

2019 NFL Draft
JoeJuan Williams is a long corner that should fit New England well. Not like Bill Belichick need more toys, right? (AP Photo/Vera Nieuwenhuis)

New England Patriots: Grade B+

  • Round 1, Pick 32: N’Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State
  • Round 2, Pick 13 (No. 45 overall): Joejuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt
  • Round 3, Pick 13 (No. 77 overall): Chase Winovich, DE, Michigan
  • Round 3, Pick 22 (No. 87 overall): Damien Harris, RB, Alabama
  • Round 3, Pick 37 (No. 101 overall): Yodny Cajuste, T, West Virginia
  • Round 4, Pick 16 (No. 118 overall): Hjalte Froholdt, G, Arkansas
  • Round 4, Pick 31 (No. 133 overall): Jarrett Stidham, QB, Auburn
  • Round 5, Pick 21 (No. 159 overall): Byron Cowart, DT, Maryland
  • Round 5, Pick 25 (No. 163 overall): Jake Bailey, P, Stanford
  • Round 7, Pick 38 (No. 252 overall): Ken Webster, CB, Ole Miss

This is my favorite Patriots draft in years. The last one I liked came back in 2012 when they picked Chandler Jones and Dont‘a Hightower in the first round. Since then, New England has done a lot of missing. Of course, the record doesn’t reflect that because Bill Belichick can win with Walmart employees. I’m not sure New England added a star, but they added a bunch of really good players.

N’Keal Harry becomes the number one receiver right away. Harry is a guy who struggles with separation but can win the 50/50 ball. Harry is also great after the catch. It was important for the Pats to pick up a weapon after losing Josh Gordon and Rob Gronkowski.

I really like JoeJuan Williams. He was one of the few corners that performed well at the combine. Williams locked down DK Metcalf during the year that caught my attention. Williams has good size and fits well in the New England heavy press system. Chase Winovich also helps on defense. That was a classic New England pick. High energy pass rusher who comes with more athleticism than you think. The Patriots needed an edge rusher BAD. Winovich gives them that and he also comes with position versatility. Perfect for the hybrid defense.

Damien Harris gives the Pats a one-two rushing attack with Sony Michel. People forget that Harris was the starter at Alabama. To pick him up in round 3 is a great value.

I didn’t love the rest of the picks which drops the grade a tad. Both of the offensive lineman suck. The Patriots do have a great offensive line coach so maybe old Dante can work some miracles. Jarrett Stidham stinks too. Maybe the Patriots can trade him in 2 years for a 2nd rounder and get value out of him. Byron Cowart was at least worth a look. Cowart was the former number one recruit a few years ago out of Auburn. He’s failed to live up to that.

2019 NFL Draft
Hard not to love the Jets draft picks. Landing killer, Quinnen Williams is a hell of a start (John Sommers II/UPI)

New York Jets: Grade A-

  • Round 1, Pick 3 (No. 3 overall): Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama
  • Round 3, Pick 4 (No. 68 overall): Jachai Polite, DE, Florida
  • Round 3, Pick 28 (No. 92 overall): Chuma Edoga, T, USC
  • Round 4, Pick 19 (No. 121 overall): Trevon Wesco, TE, West Virginia
  • Round 5, Pick 19 (No. 157 overall): Blake Cashman, LB, Minnesota
  • Round 6, Pick 24 (No. 196 overall): Blessuan Austin, CB, Rutgers

Bravo to the New York Jets. The only thing I would have liked to see them do is collect more picks. They were missing a 2nd rounder in the Sam Darnold trade up with Indy last year. That’s the only reason this draft gets a slight downgrade. Any time you pick up a killer like Quinnen Williams, you’re off to a hell of a start. It’s very possible that Q was the best player in the draft. That’s a game-changing blue chip player. I watched a lot of Q this year at Bama. A Killer is the only way to describe him.

The Jets took some big swings after that. I love the risks though. Jachai Polite is awesome. I don’t care about the pre-draft process that downgraded him. Polite notched 11 sacks last year at Florida. He has the potential to be a double digit sack guy in the NFL too. Polite has speed off the edge and polished rushing moves. The Jets needed an edge and to grab a player like Polite in round 3 was a great business move.

I also love the Chuma Edoga move. Edoga had an amazing Senior Bowl. Not much of a mauler in the run game but a serious pass blocker. Edoga has awesome feet and won a ton of reps at the Senior Bowl. Scouts recognized how good he was too. Edoga needs to still develop but this could be a legit starting tackle.

Trevon Wesco can be that piss missile in the middle of the field. Blake Cashman is a depth linebacker. The Jets still need more talent to surround Sam Darnold but they are close. The Jets did well here.

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