Tim Peel
(Derik Hamilton/Associated Press)

Referee Tim Peel Banned From NHL

During last night’s matchup between the Nashville Predators and Detroit Red Wings, 53-year-old referee Tim Peel made comments on a hot-mic that cost him his career as a ref.

It all started when Peel called a penalty on Predators forward Viktor Arvidsson for tripping Red Wings defenseman Jon Merrill in the offensive zone. Despite that call, replays of the play revealed that Merrill embellished the fall, or ‘flopped’ to get the call. Then, with just 12:42 to go in the second period, Peel was caught on a hot-mic saying:

“It wasn’t much, but I wanted to get a fucking penalty against Nashville early.”

Just this morning, NHL senior executive vice president of hockey operations, Colin Campbell made the announcement that Tim Peel would not be allowed to work any NHL games now or in the future. Ironically enough, Peel was due to retire after the 2020-21 season anyways, but he couldn’t quite make it there. Peel has been a ref since 1999 and has refereed 1,334 games entering the season. Tough luck.

Collin Campbell said this about the situation:

“Nothing is more important than ensuring the integrity of our game. Tim Peel’s conduct is in direct contradiction to the adherence to that cornerstone principle that we demand of our officials and that our fans, players, coaches and all those associated with our game expect and deserve. There is no justification for his comments, no matter the context or his intention, and the National Hockey League will take any and all steps necessary to protect the integrity of our game.”

Ouch. All Peel had to do was make it through the last half of the season and he was home free. Now everybody is going to remember Tim Peel as the scumbag ref that intentionally called a penalty against the Predators just because he can and he has the power.

This is not a good look for Peel, nor is it a good look for the NHL considering the amount of time replays/challenges have taken up in the league in recent years. Yet so many calls still get blown and now fans will start questioning debatable calls even more. Still, of all the four major professional sports, it appears the NHL is still the least corrupted.